8 Jul

How To Increase Your Site Traffic By 55% With On-site Blog

Posted by: Smartinfosys.net Blog Administrator Posted on:July 8, 2014 Category:Internet Marketing

Getting more traffic is the forefront challenge for any website over the Internet. There are millions of websites in web-o-sphere and among them, thousands are your competitors targeting the same audience in your niche. So what to do? How to get out of the rat race and make sure that your website outperforms all your competitors.

Fortunately there is a way. Blog.

It is proven that blog can increase your traffic up to 55%. Due to emerging Internet trends and agonizing search algorithms emphasizing on informative nature of websites, it has became quite necessary for every single website to have an on-site blog to get higher rank and more exposure in terms of online traffic. We ourselves have tried it at Smartinfosys & have got amazing results with our blog.

This encouraged us to try this strategy with our SEO clients & we got the same results for them too. However, it didn’t happen suddenly. It took more than a month to get ripen fruits with our blog. We tried and tested various different ideas and have finally come up with infallible strategy that ensures you that your website traffic will double up in less than one month with your on-site blog. You don’t have to do much hard work for it except generating quality content.

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26 Jun

Ready Reference OnPage SEO Checklist By Smartinfosys

Posted by: Smartinfosys.net Blog Administrator Posted on:June 26, 2014 Category:Search Engine Optimization


Onpage optimization is quite necessary aspect of SEO. Before you start implementing changes on your website, you will have to pass through a painstaking process of onpage audit. Though it is quite complex to perform an onpage SEO audit on your own, an arranged list of necessary checks can help you a lot in defining the impactive trajectory for your SEO plan. It all starts with your website itself.

Working at Smartinfosys for ground breaking SEO audits, I have learnt very brilliant ways to assess a website. So without wasting a minute, here’s your onPage SEO checklist. You can refer this for performing a comprehensive audit. I have also listed all helpful resources here which will help you go through the process without any hassle, if you are a novice in SEO.

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17 Jun

Web CMS For Website Development: Basics To Know

Posted by: Smartinfosys.net Blog Administrator Posted on:June 17, 2014 Category:Web design & development


There was a time when having a website was nothing less than a dream for common-man. An average fellow like you and me couldn’t even think of having his own website. You needed knowledge of coding, sophisticated technology and lots of time to create a simple, rugged website that was nothing more than a collection of texts and images.

Thankfully, the time has changed.

Introduction of CMS has revolutionized the Internet & now anybody can have his own website at minimal waste of time and money. You can now launch a stylish, multifaceted & multipurpose website in just matter of hours, or in minutes.

So what is a web CMS? and why it has taken the world of web by storm?

I know it is too late to introduce this topic, there are already tons of articles out there & you probably know it, but I would still love to write about it as this is something every web user should know, especially the ones who are going to start a new website of their own.

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7 Jun

Top 5 Most Preferable E Commerce Platforms For Small To Mid Sized Businesses

Posted by: Smartinfosys.net Blog Administrator Posted on:June 7, 2014 Category:Web design & development


Literally dozens of e-commerce website development frameworks are available around the world but as far as you are a small or mid-sized business, a FREE platform will work best for you.

However, opting for a free e-commerce framework/platform doesn’t mean you have to bargain with features and facilities. You can still have best of both worlds by choosing your platform wisely.

According to me, the most preferable E commerce web development platform for your business should be the one that is most widely used over the world.

Simply the reason to believe it is; the more the features are, the more the people would be using it. The more the people use it, the more the developers will be there. The more the developers will be, the more chances of facilities and features it will stand for future.

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5 Jun

Alexa Top 100: What Makes These Websites So Successful

Posted by: Smartinfosys.net Blog Administrator Posted on:June 5, 2014 Category:Internet Marketing

Your website can also be the one as famous as a Hollywood star. Or even more.

However, it takes lots of efforts and few infallible characteristics that appeal the wide gamut of billions of Internet users. Working through my Internet marketing career of few years, I have learned some really helpful tactics that can bring your website an enormous success.  

What are those characteristics? What is the proof that they really work?

I have the answer. But you will have to read this post fully to find it out. As a part of my pursuit for ultimate Internet success, I have many times wondered what was it that made Google to be most visited website & Facebook, that is merely a social networking site, to rank on number 2 beating so many previously reputed websites?  

As a treasure of that quest, I have analyzed Top 100 Alexa ranked websites and derived few simple conclusions that may be useful to you to get idea of what works exceptionally in highly competitive world of Internet. So here we go:

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