Killer Tips For Logo Design

Oct 2015

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A logo is a graphic that represents a company and can be considered the face of a company. Having a good logo is extremely important for the business and for the branding of the company name. A logo is the most powerful marketing tool known.

Having any logo is not enough to build the brand identity. A logo has the strength enough to make or destroy the brand image of the company. Thus one needs to be very careful while designing the logo of a company.

Five important tips while designing logo

Five important tips which needs to be remembered while designing logo:

  1. A logo should reflect the brand: There has to be a strong connection with your brand and your logo. You need to be clear about the message you want your brand to convey so that you can design a logo that fit into it. Your logo doesn’t have to exactly portray the products or services of your business. It has to give the essence or personality of your business.
  2. Keep the logo unique and simple: Your logo needs to stand out and can be recognized among others. A unique logo doesn’t have to be a complicated one. Quite often companies want to have all their brand trait put into the logo but it is good to concentrate on one idea or trait so that it is kept simple and catches the attention of audience easily.
  3. Make your logo memorable: Leave your audience with just one thing to remember about the logo. Memorable logo is the one which stays with audience. It may be because of its uniqueness, simplicity, tagline, fonts, text, colours etc. These attributes in the right blend can make the logo stick with the audience for a long time.
  4. Versatility: Versatile logos work across several platforms and applications. It needs to look good and fit on advertisements, newspapers, letterheads etc.Its also should be versatile in colour. It’s important to have signature colours of the brand on logo but a logo which can stands alone without them is a versatile one.
  5. Colour and Fonts: Colour boosts brand recognition. Brand personality should be taken into account while deciding the colour for the logo. Every colour speaks for itself.
    • Red-Energetic, Exciting, Immediacy, Bold.
    • Orange-Friendly, Confident, Fun.
    • Yellow-Happy, Optimistic, Youthful.
    • Green- Fresh, Healthy, Growth.
    • Blue-Professional, Trust, Dependable, Loyal
    • Purple- Creative, Luxurious.
    • Black-Rich, Authoritative, Power.

Fonts also plays a major role in logo design. When there is a text involved in the logo make sure it suits the brand image and more than two fonts is not advisable in a logo.

Logos have developed over time. Whatever logo is chosen; it has to embody the brand. Most importantly, it has to appeal to the customers.

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