10 Amazing YouTube Optimization Tips Which Will Help Your Video Rank High

Mar 2016

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With over 800 million visitors every month, YouTube is surely a marketing platform which must not be missed. With the recent changes and developments in the SEO marketing strategies, YouTube has made a significant impact. You can get a higher rank for website through YouTube videos as it serves as a stronger audiovisual marketing tool. YouTube is a cost-effective medium of advertising your website and attract maximum traffic. As against print media, it serves as a better, richer and tasteful advertising tool.

10 Amazing YouTube Optimization Tips Which Will Help Your Video Rank High

YouTube can help you in many ways to get high rank for your videos. Listed below are some of the most important tips which can help your videos get high rank.

1. File is Important:- Make sure to optimize your video before uploading it. Ensure that the file name and the title of the video match each other and words are separated by a hyphen. Begin your optimization process right from the beginning and stay ahead in ranking.

2. Insert Proper Keywords:- Keywords are very important for identification and searching of your videos. Proper usage of keywords will help visitors to track your video. Your video title and description should include proper keywords for better video rank.

3. Define Tags and Categories:- Always put your video under a category so that your videos can be easily found. Tagging your videos will help your visitors to identify you from various others present there. Help your visitors by specifying the tag and category for better rank.

4. Give A Video Title:- Proper and optimized video title will always help your video to get higher rank. Include relevant keywords within the 50 characters used for title. A description will help your video stand out among millions others.

5. Provide Video Description:- With 160 characters in your hand, you can make your video unique from others. Integrate your targeted keywords while writing an informative description about your video. Make sure to provide relevant information in your description.

6. Integrate Annotations:- Adding various interesting and engaging annotations will attract more visitors to your videos. A speech bubble, a spotlight or a note can amuse your visitors who in turn will make your video popular.

7. Create Your Channel:- You can promote your business’s products and services by creating your own channel. Through videos you can interact with your customers in an interesting way. You can tailor made your videos according to the need and requirement of your business.

8. Create Your Playlist:- You can add a customized playlist which your visitors can use for playing a particular set of videos. You can allow your visitors to add anybody’s videos making it accessible to to all the videos available on YouTube.

9. Maximum Social Presence:- You should not limit your video sharing to YouTube only, try to post it on other social media sites as well. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc will give more traffic and in turn better ranking for your videos vis-a-vis website.

10. Use Snippets:- Curiosity will lead to more viewing if you will use snippets for your video. Snippets will make viewers curious to discover more and view your video. You can relate your social media sites to keep your subscribers and followers updated about the changes.

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