10 Changes You Need To Implement Today To Have A Mobile Optimized Website

Apr 2016

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Since more and more people are shifting from desktop to mobile, the significance of mobile website is at an all time high. More than 40% of your website traffic is coming from smartphones forming a major chunk of your business. Mobile SEO has been and will always be important as far as creating a mobile website is concerned. Just creating a mobile website is not good enough, it should generate the right amount of traffic also.

10 Changes You Need to Implement Today to Have a Mobile Optimized Website

Mobile friendly website is very important for the survival of the business. In this world of ever changing technology, there are certain changes which you have to implement in your website for better results. The following list states the most important changes that you should do so that your mobile website draws maximum attention from your visitors.

1: Identification of Mobile User Needs

The kind of expectation your visitors will have from your desktop website and mobile website is totally different from each other. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to get the search queries and work on it. The keywords and the intent of the visitors is very important for designing a website exactly matching their preference.

2: Create A Responsive Design

While creating your mobile website, you should take into account that the website is having a responsive design. It should run on any device irrespective of its shape and size. Your visitors should locate your website from both desktop and smartphones. The navigation of your website should be such that it facilitates your visitors in the easy and smooth navigation.

3: Integrate Functions According To Devices

The users who will be visiting your website will be using different devices with different operating system be it Windows, Android or IOS. You should check and identify the various devices used and adjust the functionalities according to the device. Test your website for various version of browsers and mobile operating system before launching it.

4: Keep A Good Site Speed

The one thing which might help you to win or lose your customers is the speed of your mobile website. Visitors on your mobile website want instant answer to their queries. You will lose them to your competitors if you will not have a fast mobile website. Track the speed of your website through various speed checking tools to give the best speed to your visitors.

5: Use Optimized Images

Images does attract more customers to your website but it can slow down your website as well. Optimized images should be used with proper alt text and optimized image size to enable your website to load at an amazing speed. Avoid using heavy files such as Javascript or flash for maximum speed and better user experience.

6: Keep Simple & Easy Navigation

The navigation of your website should be such that it facilitates your visitors in surfing throughout your website. Keeping the navigation simple and easy will help in reducing the bounce rate of your website. Use text navigation and breadcrumbs for better conversion rate. The easier your navigation will be, better it will be for user experience.

7: Mobile Apps Indexing Allowed

Allow your visitors to directly visit your app from Google search results by adding the support of deep links and enabling mobile apps indexing. This will be a great help to you if you are having a business app. Deep link support will allow Google to index the content of your app giving it higher rank. Your mobile website should have the app supported version for your visitors.

8: Rely On Rich Snippets For Apps

Your users will get a detailed review about the app through snippets to take quicker decisions regarding its installation. Rich snippets and schema data will help the search engines to understand the content of your app. App having more social popularity and accurate Metadata will get a higher rank by the search engines. High rank lead to higher traffic and ultimately higher profits.

9: Addition Of A Mobile Sitemap

To facilitate the search engines to crawl your mobile website easily, add mobile sitemap to your website. Adding a mobile sitemap will make it easier for the web crawlers to crawl your website and index all your mobile website’s pages. This is extremely important for gaining higher rank and more traffic for your website.

10: Maximum Social Media Sharing

Any SEO activity is incomplete without social media. Allow your visitors to share the content of your website on social media. Various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc can give you millions of hits and likes within short span of time. Add social sharing buttons on your websites to help your visitors in social sharing.

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