10 Common SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid In Your Website

Dec 2017

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We have always considered SEO & content marketing strategy as one of most essential elements in making your website rank in various search engines especially Google. Google has been very quick at changing itself with market dynamics and updates of Google Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hawk, etc. have become order of the day, making it difficult for many business owners to keep pace with them. We regularly witness mistakes in websites/blogs due to these small updates, however there are number of fundamental mistakes that we see over and over again in 90% of the sites. The corrections of these fundamental mistakes would help bring visitors to your website & direct them to appropriate sales funnels.

10 Common SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid for Your Business Website

Below are the common SEO mistakes that should be avoided by business website to get the desired results:

Page Title Tag Optimization

Use of proper title tags on all pages of websites is essential as they act like a “top level” label regarding the content of the web page. Always remember to use relevant keywords in title tag and ensure that the total length of title tag does not exceed 80.

Header Tag Optimization

Header Tags, just like title tags help you provide a user-friendly top level label for both users & search engines. Well defined Header Tags help search engines and users to understand the structure & flow of website content in a better way, leading to higher ranking in search engines.

Alt Tag Optimization

Google-bots or web crawlers can understand the picture on the website as an image file only with an alt tag. Use of proper & relevant keywords can help the images to be crawled by search engines as well as increase the density of keywords on a web page. Using proper keywords in your alt tag will surely bring better results and more traffic to your website.

Website Promotion

Along with website optimization, it is also important to promote the website that generates a buzz about your brand among the visitors or potential customers. Visitors continuously talking about your business can ultimately lead to higher ROI & link acquisition. Web promotion can be done through various digital channels.

Look & Feel of Website

We know that Content is King & act as the most important factor for generating traffic but the design used in the website also matters a lot. When it comes to engaging visitors, the website design should be very appealing, convincing & user-friendly. This in turn will also help you lower bounce rate on your website.

Use of Thin Content

Lengthy content can sometimes overshadow the interest and enthusiasm of the reader. Also, having thin or too less content can raise a red flag for your website. There should be a proper balance between the website content & specific product description. Writing thin content can be considered as low quality for SEO ranking by search engines.

Mobile Optimization

In the era of digitization it is very important to make your website mobile responsive. The search engine rank of a website can be highly affected by the level of mobile-friendliness. As people these days are mostly surfing from Mobile devices, it has become mandatory to optimize website for all the mobile & tablet devices & enjoy the traffic coming to your responsive website.

Website Structure

Website structure is essential for both users as well as search engines. If a user is unable to find what they are looking for can hamper the website traffic, increase bounce rate & decrease the ROI. Overall, the complete SEO and website ranking can be affected. To make a web page easily comprehend by search engines, proper meta data must be defined for various content portions. Meta data can be defined as per schema.org standards.

Focus on Relevant Keywords & Content

The above factor can be accomplished by providing unique, in-depth content that revolves around the main focus keywords (ie. website product & services), which in turn can help visitors or readers to have a general idea about the following content. This helps not only the visitors but also google-bots to provide page rank to the website.

Internal Link Strategy

Paid links are always tempting as they can provide you instant results but in long run they can harm your website more than you can imagine (your website can even be penalized). Following a proper link building strategy may sound as old-fashion & traditional but provides high quality back-link.

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  1. Naveen

    That’s really a very good post! Every designer should aware of it and especially the meta data optimization is very important to rank your website on search engines. If your business website is following all these tips then am sure you can generate a major online presence.

  2. Nicola

    Great list but I personally would add one more common mistake: Failing to conduct routine audits of your backlink profile or overall health of the website.

  3. rohit

    fantabulous post
    many important things you mainteon in this post even some of the point i still dont know on the basis of SEO, its definatlly very helpful of reader, can you also share your thought about hows i kow google penalise our website.

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