10 Link Building Myths That Kill Your Rankings

May 2019

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Link building is a rewarding SEO strategy. Of course, link building can boost your site’s SEO ranking. On the other hand, link building can bring more harm to your site than good if not done properly. If you follow wrong practices for building links, Google may penalize your site.

10 link building myths that kill your rankings

Here are the 10 link building myths that kill your rankings explained.

  1. 1. Building Links Faster can get you Penalized

    Fast link building or creating more links will never penalize your site unless they are irrelevant. Apart from creating more links, if you create Spam links, you will be penalized by Google. Targeting keywords in your link building are riskier, as Google may not consider the links with the same anchor text as natural links.

  2. 2. Internal Links are Enough

    Internal links play a vital role in on-page SEO, but they are alone not enough. These links can provide pleasant user experience, better navigation, and spread ranking power. You need to build links somewhere else than on your site to get referral traffic to your site.

  3. 3. The Quantity of links is Important as like Quality

    Google checks the quality of the links. It uses a link source to evaluate the credibility of the links. Therefore, creating high-quality links is important.

  4. 4. Links are Important for Ranking

    Links are important, but they alone cannot help you get good ranking on search engines. Your content matters a lot for your conversion rates. Providing good content helps your site to get more visitors.

  5. 5. Links from Directories Carry No Value

    We cannot say that links from all directories carry no value. Quality of the directories matters a lot and the links from high-quality directories can boost your rank.

  6. 6. No-Follow Links are Useless

    No-follow links appear to be natural, so we cannot say that they are useless. Google does not encourage too many followed links and even push you down the ranking if they see more. A healthy combination of no-follow and do-follow links can make a good link profile.

  7. 7. Manual links alone are Worthy

    Expert says that getting natural links are better than making manual links. Only compelling and high-quality content can get you natural links.

  8. 8. Each Link Building Activity has a Penalty

    If you are using the right link building strategies, you do not need to fear about getting penalized by Google. Google only penalizes manipulative and Spam link building activities. Your links should be genuine and come from authoritative, relevant and credible sources.

  9. 9. Reciprocal Link Building Can Penalize you

    Google has no issues with reciprocal link building strategy. Reciprocal link building strategy is a practice linking to a site, which can link back to yours. The only point is that you should not build reciprocal links with multiple sites.

  10. 10. Building a Few Links and See how it Goes

    It is not about building a few links but it is about how many links are going to help you rank on search engines. Determining the accurate number of links is important.

No matter the kind of link building strategy you are using, but doing it right will boost your ranking.

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