10 Reasons To Consider WordPress As The Best CMS For Startups

Jan 2016

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WordPress has taken a giant leap from where it has started. Used mainly as a blogging platform it has gradually become the most sought after content management system. It has emerged as the most popular website development platform specially among the startup businesses. Small businesses or startups are attracted towards it mainly because it is free, efficient and offers many features with no maintenance costs. With time, WordPress has become one-stop solution for high quality and effective website building. Being able to cater to the needs of all size of businesses has made wordpress the most popular content management system in today’s scenario.

10 Reasons to consider WordPress as the best CMS for Startups

Though there are many reasons which are instrumental in making WordPress the most popular content management system, the top 10 reasons are listed below. These are the main reasons why small and start-up business have chosen it as their website building platform.

1. Quick and easy installation

Installing and using WordPress is like a cakewalk.. Most of the wordpress hosts offer a one-click install service. Even if it is not one-click install, the manual install will also be very easy to process. This easy installation has made WordPress a frontrunner as it enables the user to understand the website set-up in case it is needed in the future.

2. Most Cost effective for any user

The main reason why small businesses are considering WordPress as their website creation platform is its cost-effectiveness. It is absolutely free, the only thing which will cost you something is the domain name and hosting package. From the initial package you can monetize WordPress through adverts and e-commerce according to the size of your business.

3. Content can be Managed easily

You can select the different attributes of the websites easily. Various themes and plugins can be chosen after proper understanding and installation. The intricate code and the HTML text is very easy on on your eyes and do not force you to get bogged down. The features and attributes are designed to suit user on every account.

4. Maximum Customization Possible

WordPress allows you the maximum customization as it comes loaded with hundreds of features and plugins. You can design a tailor-made website of your own which exactly suits your needs and requirements. All the features are created exclusively to save your time, provide great functionality and also SEO compatible.

5. Worldwide Community and Forum support

Since it is an open source CMS, there are many community and support forum for you as a beginner. You will get frequent free WordPress updates to ensure that all your security and bug issues are resolved. Since so many people are associated with each other on the forum, be rest assured that someone is always there to help you come out of any problem.

6. Fit for All

As said earlier WordPress is no longer considered as just a blogging platform, it has evolved itself into an effective CMS for website creation. It has emerged as the most popular website development platforms for all size of businesses. WordPress has become most popular among small business start-ups who wants to grow without spending too much on their site development.

7. Constant Improvements to keep you Upfront

The most unique thing about WordPress which sets it apart is its constant-evolving nature. Since it is open to general public it always offers a scope of improvement and upgradation. Various communities and social forums are active giving innumerable inputs and insights to improve the performance and functionality of your website.

8. Management made Super-Easy

WordPress has enabled even the beginner to use and manage his website in the most prolific manner. Creating and editing content has been made super easy to allow the best user experience. The most simple and easy interface has allowed you to add new pages, images and videos so fast that you can save your time for promoting your website.

9. Responsive Website

Apart from giving all the latest updates to keep you parallel with your competitors, WordPress also help you create responsive websites. Your website should function well on all the devices on which it is opened. WordPress comes mobile-ready so that you can maximise your website’s accessibility through tablets and smartphones.

10. Great future Ahead

As said it has come a long way from merely a blogging site development platform to becoming the CMS which caters to more than 60% of the websites. From giants like Ford to small business startups it has served its purpose well. The popularity and robustness of WordPress can be judged from the fact that more than 22% of all the websites present on web are built on wordpress.

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