10 Reasons Why Magento Is Perfect For Your E-commerce Website?

Jan 2016

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If WordPress is the most popular CMS with more than one-fifth of all the websites built on it, Magento is the most sought after CMS for e-commerce. Right from the small start-ups to the biggest giants in the industry, business houses are relying on it for creating an e-commerce website. Some of the biggest names in the corporate world like Lenovo, Samsung, Nike and many more use Magento for creating their online store. With over 26% market share in the e-commerce market, Magento is leading from the front as far as e-commerce website building platform is concerned.

10 Reasons Why Magento is perfect for Your E-commerce Website?

There are various reasons which has contributed towards people accepting Magento as the favourite platform for e-commerce website building. Listed below are the top 10 reasons why you should choose Magento for your e-commerce website.

1. It is an Open Source
Magento is free and on top of that is easily manageable according to the needs and demands of the business. You just need a little extra effort on your part to supercharge your Magento code if you have a bit more expectation from your website. By installing the various extensions you can add new improved features and functionality to your website. Choose the features and add-ons for your online store according to your business stage and growth potential to get the best out of Magento.

2. Supportive Community

Being an open source solution, People around the globe are always there to help out with any issues pertaining to Magento. There are a large number of developers and designers all over the world who are connected through a forum or community who are ever-ready to listen to you. You can be benefited by this community since they are constantly working on the updation and security of your online store.

3. E-Commerce Compatibility

Though WordPress is considered as the the most complete and comprehensive CMS today, it is not built specifically for e-commerce website. It has a clear advantage over WooCommerce and Drupal owing to its preloaded features and specifications. Go for a fully functional e-commerce website which will turn your online store into a successful business website.

4. Scalability Redefined

The kind of diversity Magento provides for any business house whether small or big is phenomenal. Whether you are a small start-up or a multinational corporation, Magento will always surprise you with its uniqueness and professionalism. The online store developed on Magento is feature-rich and user-friendly to help you capitalize on it and grow in your e-commerce. You will get all the necessary advanced features and updated extensions which will suit any of your business needs.

5. High Performance Guaranteed

Creating an e-commerce website is good enough, you need to also check about the various other attributes associated with well-functioning of your website. Magento emerges as the clear cut winner when it comes to page load speed, query processing time and various others performance parameters. With its high-end caching techniques such as Varnish and DB optimization techniques, Magento has clearly emerged as the frontrunner in e-commerce website designing platforms.

6. Flexibility at its best

Since Magento is an open source, managing and controlling it is very easy. It helps in creating a unique, attractive and professional webstore with much lesser efforts and expenses. You can add customized back-end workflows if you have any specific requirements for your business. You are always on the driving seat managing how your e-commerce website looks and performs. Nothing satisfies you more than the feel that you are managing your online store on your own terms.

7. Multi Tenant Provided

This unique facility allows you to create multiple online stores with one backend CMS. This makes management of various websites so simple and easy. You can control the various attributes like billing tasks, customer records, inventory management, etc from the single admin dashboard. Magento has simplified the task of managing your online store and saved your time, money and energy.

8. Integrations made Easy

Integrating various services for the better functioning of your e-commerce website is made possible with Magento. Various third party services like database applications, shipping, shipment tracking, payment gateways, etc can be easily integrated with Magento. Magento comes associated with various google tools like Google Analytics, Google Checkout, Google Base, etc which makes it a hot favourite for e-commerce website building platform.

9. SEO Friendly

Being Seo-friendly is very important for any website since your website has to be visible on the internet. Magento is popular for being a highly SEO-friendly content management system. It comes loaded with SEO features like sitemaps, layered navigation, URL rewrites, meta tags, meta descriptions and SEO friendly URLs. Magento has everything which you will need to make your online store get noticed on search engine pages.

10. Mobile Commerce

Your e-commerce website should be responsive so that you do not lose any probable customers. Magento comes incorporated with HTML5 capabilities to ensure that your visitors enjoy an error-less shopping on their mobiles. Right from image scaling to AV capabilities and from drag and drop features to gesture based controls, Magento gives everything which goes into creating a mobile-friendly online store.

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