10 Tips To Improve Your ECommerce Website Conversion Rate

Mar 2016

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It is almost certain that if you want to survive and flourish in today’s business world, you need to have a website. In this fast-moving world where customers want all the information and options at one place, having your own ecommerce website will set you apart from others. Having an optimized and properly aligned website will give you an edge over others. There can be many elements which you can integrate to make your ecommerce website full-proof but the main thing to be focussed is its convertibility.

10 Tips to Improve Your eCommerce Website Conversion Rate

There is no point attracting hundreds of visitors to your website but none of them is willing to take out something from his pocket. The sole purpose of your website should be to increase the conversion rate so that you reap maximum benefits. Given below are some of the most important tips which can help you to improve the conversion rate of your ecommerce website.

1. Set a clear goal:- Before launching your website, make sure that the goals of the business are predefined. Provide your visitors with a Unique Value Proposition stating the reason why they should buy it from you and no one else. The design, message, media, content and the overall experience should be such that your visitors know exactly what they are looking for.

2. Target your visitors properly:- Do not try to generalize your website to suit the taste of every visitor, let it target the audience you want it to be. You can use various data for strategizing and targeting the right set of audience. Take help from Google Analytics and other sales trends to tailor-made your website according to your targeted segment of the market.

3. Make sure to provide easy navigation:- In this world, where your customer is flooded with options, you cannot afford to annoy them with complex navigation. The longer or more convoluted the process is, more are the chances that your visitors will leave your page. Develop a clear and easy navigation for your ecommerce website.

4. Take data-driven decisions:- Chalk out your strategy based on concrete data and information and not on guesses. There are several tools available which can give you relevant and authentic data for proper market analysis. There is no point going for anything without reliable data to back your decisions. Better analysis will help you in coming out with best elements for your customers.

5. Take care of SEO:- If you want to attract maximum traffic for your website, you cannot ignore the importance of SEO. Proper titles, meta tags and meta description with relevant keywords will help you in getting higher rank. The constant effort which you will make in SEO will help you in gaining maximum visitors and best possible rank by search engines.

6. Go for diversified marketing strategies:- Do not put all your eggs in the same basket in order to minimize risk. Go for various marketing strategies to get in touch with maximum customers. You can go for internet marketing and other forms of social media marketing but make sure you do not completely rely on it. There are many customers who are not tech-savvy, think about them too.

7. Win the trust of your customers:- There is no face-to-face interaction in ecommerce website, the only way to convince your customers is my winning their trust. Include complete information about yourself and avoid any incomplete or misleading information. Show all the achievements and the testimonials of your satisfied customers to gain the confidence of your potential customers.

8. Integrate proper call to action:- Without proper call to action buttons, your website is without a soul. If you want to engage your customers, you will have to offer them something in return. Give discounts, offers and other gifts to make your customers happy and satisfied. Ask for relevant information only as asking for too much can annoy your customers.

9. Use relevant content:- Nothing can win you more customers than the most relevant and interesting content on your website. Though meta title and meta description is important for better ranking of your website, nothing can replace content. You can add various forms of content such as blog posts, articles and other information-rich content to gain maximum traffic.

10. Capitalize on social media:- In this era of social-media, the significance of facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc cannot be ignored. By sharing your content on these social sites, you can connect with millions of commuters at one go. The feedbacks, comments, likes and reviews which you will get from these sites will make you both reliable and popular among your customers.

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