12 Links That’ll Make You A Better Web Developer

Jun 2017

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Not all job hunters require a portfolio. However, there are particular careers where the portfolios prove more beneficial than just a resume in showing your experience and skills. This is particularly true for the careers including design, art, and website development. People in such jobs frequently have their own style and a collection of their previous work will help the employers to evaluate whether that style fits for their needs.

12 Links That’ll Make You a Better Web Developer

However, there is nothing to worry about as your web developer portfolio does not have to be a website that’s full-blown. Single page website can get your message across effectively. Below are the things you may include in your portfolio to be a better web developer:

  • About or Bio Section

    Never go overboard with every detail. Include important highlights and do not forget to include your personality. Some might have your experience, skills, and education, yet your personality quirks and hobbies are what make you your own self.

  • Contact Information That’s Easy to Find

    Your email address may be enough. It isn’t necessary to give out your telephone number, if you are like most people, you will prefer keeping your personal number off the website where anybody can find that.

  • Relevant Experience

    Highlight several projects you have worked on, yet keep it to the kind of project you’d like to work with again. For example, you might be a market strategist before and now you want to be a full-time web developer.

  • Give Context

    Never just provide a job title, but a context as well. Potential employers looking at your website won’t be able to take away much with only your job title.

  • Personal Projects

    If you are just starting out and do not have much real experiences to add, it’s a good way to concentrate on your energy.

  • Relevant Skills

    Never go crazy and try including your strongest skills and the ones that will prove beneficial in the kind of job you are searching for.

  • Education

    Include your certificates or education once they’re relevant to the field of web development and the work you want.

  • Documented Source Codes

    It is all about the context on your portfolio website and off this. If you are including some links to your repositories, ensure that you provide documentation or context so people do not need to struggle to understand what’s going on with your project.

  • Special Recognition or Awards

    You may add some special accolades to your portfolio online. They may help you stand out among the rest.

  • Relevant Profiles on Social Media

    For web developers, there are basically several social media networks that are non-negotiable. Consider listing a Twitter handle once you have one. Adding social media accounts can be a way for possible employers to get better ideas about your personality.

  • Downloadable Resume

    Make your resume downloadable so that your employers can easily check on your portfolio anytime.

  • Include Your Photo

    Adding your photo is essential for the reason that people will trust you more once they know what you really look like.

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