12 Ways Your Website Is Driving Customers Away

Mar 2016

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Having a business website is the need of the hour in this competitive world but does it serve its purpose every time? Having a website should not be your ultimate aim, you should target at attracting maximum web traffic. Gaining more viewers will ultimately bring more business for you. Capturing viewer’s attention and engaging them is a tough job in hand and should be properly handled.

12 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

There are many reasons why your website could work as a customer repellent. You should make sure that your website does not include any feature which can drive your customers away. Your visitors should not be left disappointed after visiting your website. These are the main reasons why your website could drive your customers away. Take proper measures to manage these features so that your visitors flock towards your website.

1. Musically Incorrect

Unwanted and disruptive music can ruin your customer’s whole experience. It can ruin the mood of the visitors and piss them off leading them to leave your website. Do not go for rude and unpleasant music as it will surely annoy your visitors.

2. Too Flashy

Using heavy images and a lot of flash items will increase the load time of your website. A website which takes a lot of time to upload will never attract visitors. The purpose of your website should be to give information and not to entertain your customers. Avoid flash and heavy images.

3. No Unnecessary Pop-ups

Pop-ups are the absolutely last thing which your visitors would love. Whenever a visitor surf your website, he should not be forced to deal with pop-ups. There might be a possibility that it increases your click-through rates but it should not be over-used.

4. Avoid Walking Ads

Quite similar to pop-ups, advertisements too annoy your visitors. Do not go for disruptive, inconsiderate and annoying ads as it can irritate your visitors. Try to make a good impression when someone visits your site so avoid ads as it is definitely not the way to it.

5. Show Contact Info

Do not believe that your customers are having a lot of time and they will willingly waste it on searching for your contact information. Display your contact details properly and on the main page itself so that customers can find it easily.

6. Stop being Mysterious

Use content which is easy to find and understand by your visitors. Your visitors will not be amused by your mysterious way of displaying your information. Be straight and to-the-point while presenting your content in your website.

7. For the User’s Convenience

Your website should be designed in such a way that it facilitates your user while using it. Use easy to understand content and interface so that your user will love it. All your pages and features should complement each other so that user finds himself at ease while visiting your website.

8. Never Go for Black Backgrounds

Make sure that the background you use for your website co-ordinates with the text color. Background color like black or grey makes it almost impossible to read the text. Choose a background color which does not hurt your eyes while reading the content.

9. Legible and Readable Text

Select a font size which is easily readable by your visitors. Proper font and typeface is very important for making your website visitor’s pet. Legible and readable content will attract more web traffic which will ultimately increase your revenues.

10. Content Delivery

There will be many visitors who would like to read the blogs and other information as per their convenience. You can make your customers happy by giving them an option to import the content in their email. Export the content in your customer’s email inbox to satisfy them.

11. Easy Search for User

Your website should take into consideration the search feature. Your user should be provided with the option of search to make his navigation easy. Integrate an easy-to-locate or easy-to-use search button to help your user whenever he visits your website.

12. Be Socially Active

Social-site activation is a must if you want your website to become popular among your customers. These social sites like facebook, linkedin and twitter can help you popularize your website among visitors. There is a huge community which can be tapped with the help of these social sites.

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