14 Reasons Why HTML5 Is Irresistible

Feb 2014

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If you are quite aware about importance of Mobile web, you probably well-know about HTML5 too. HTML5 is one of the most promising open source framework for developing mobile websites and web applications. Over the previous version of HTML, HTML5 has introduced 28 new elements & many others will be added to its library in future. The list is supposed to grow till 2022 when they expect to complete it finally! All in all, HTML5 stands a great chance for proving as a future-proof web development framework.

Applications built with HTML5 works seamlessly across various devices and browsers. When used together with CSS3 and Javascript, you can develop highly comprehensive and robust applications that look good and work even better.

Taking all these into account, here are some proven benefits of HTML that makes it literally “rocking” for future-proof mobile web development:

1st – Cross-platform compatibility:

HTML5 is highly compatible across multiple platforms and scripts like SQL, PHP, Java, .NET and Javascript. Instead of writing native code for each device, developers can write a universal code that runs on multiple devices simultaneously.

2nd – Cross-channel compatibility:

Another great feature of HTML5 is cross-channel compatibility. The same code written for website could also be reused while developing a mobile application. It saves web developers from a great deal of brainwork that they might had to necessarily face otherwise.

3rd – Open source standard:

As HTML5 is specification by world’s largest web standard group, W3C, it will be continuously growing with more and more useful elements and will stay open-source in future also. This makes it very likely for future-proof web development.

4th – No need of App store:

Though sometimes it is a disadvantage not to have a dedicated apps library, it’s also a benefit at the same time that you don’t need app stores to install HTML5 apps. With HTML5, you can directly install apps on your device through a weblink or bookmark. It saves users from a great deal of time wasting clickthroughs.

5th – Click-to-call function:

When enabling the e-commerce website or application for mobiles, click-to-call feature of HTML5 simply irresistible. It enables users to call the service provider directly by clicking on his number. This feature significantly increases user convenience and also boosts chances of conversion at the same time.

6th – SEO friendly:

HTML5 provides many new specifications which were previously unavailable with HTML4, and some of them are greatly beneficial for SEO. For example, tags like <header>, <footer> & <section> enables developers to define various segments of page. <article> tag can be used to specify the article within document, and <nav> tag specifies portion of page used for navigation. All these tags enable you to provide search engines with more details and in turn, makes website more SEO friendly.

7th – Semantic/structural elements:

HTML5 also encompasses semantic and structural elements like <summary>, <figcaption>, <dialog>,<progress> etc. This section will surely broaden in future and it makes web more arranged & structured which is one of the good reasons why search engines will favor HTML5.

8th – Improved media support:

HTML 5 has added <source>, <track>, <embed>, <video> and <audio> tags in HTML library which is highly appreciable improvement over HTML4. With applications and websites developed using HTML5, users do not have to install 3rd party addons to play their video and audio files over Internet. Simply if your web browser supports HTML5, it will also support videos and audios too. This feature saves users from unwanted hassles of updating their media extensions time-to-time.

9th – Quicker and simpler web applications:

Due to inherent grace of HTML and content degradation capabilities, web developers don’t have to be hanged up designing for older browsers. Instead, they can focus on newer ones and develop better performing and better looking applications with HTML5.

10th – Geolocation API:

HTML5 geolocation API enables developers to track user location. As it can be a concern to user-privacy, W3C has restricted its access for developers upto some extent. When you use this on your website or an application, it will first prompt user if he/she wants to allow you to know his location. You will be able to access user location details only if he/she allows it. With Geolocation API, users can be tracked for latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and many other geographic details.

11th – 2D animation:

HTML5 <canvas> allows web developers to embed drawing facilities in applications with which you can make a complete new drawing and erase it too. You can create 2D animations using HTML5 <canvas> tag in combination with Javascript and use RequestAnimeframe library to help web browsers decide optimal FPS for related application. Also CSS3 and HTML5 collectively can be great replacement option for Flash in web applications.

12th – Interaction with device capabilities:

One of the best feature of HTML5 for mobile web development is its capability to access native features of a device. With HTML5, you can use device sensors, cameras, hardware and graphic capabilities to run your app or website on that device. It enables you easily integrate your web application with user’s mobile device and allow them to have more entertaining features with it.

13th – Offline data caching:

Data caching enables devices to store website’s CSS, HTML and some other features in cache files of browsers. HTML5 has enabled data caching which means that applications implementing HTML5 will be continuously available even if internet connection cuts down momentarily, enabling users to complete the ongoing tasks without hassles.

14th – Browser support:

Almost every HTML5 element is supported in all widely used web browsers including Opera, Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Internet Explorer. So, web Apps and websites developed with HTML5 runs over devices of almost 99% users without fail. It is a big pay-off for cross-compatibility in context to the web development.

So if you are heading towards mobile web development, we advice you to go with HTML5. It will surely prove to be a future-proof investment. Smartinfosys.net offers you mobile web development services at quite affordable price. We have previously served more than 5,000 clients for their web design and development needs and we know what’s essential to do it the best way. Give us a call or contact us for your mobile website development.

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