15 Reasons Why I Would Use Shopify To Start My Own Shop?

May 2022

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Shopify is a platform that has everything a new entrepreneur needs to start a business. It is affordable and quick. As a result, you should use the Shopify platform to start your shop.

15 Reasons Why I Would Use Shopify To Start My Own Shop


Shopify Development

Shopify is an online platform good for business. It has many features that can help improve your business. Below are 15 more reasons to start your shop using Shopify.

1.Easy to set up

Setting up an online store on Shopify is quick. Your shop can be immediately launched without a fuss over development costs and servers.

There are extensive video guides and documentation to help you start your shop on Shopify. Having a product to sell is all you need.

2.Secure and reliable

You will be dealing with personal and sensitive information when you have an eCommerce store. This means that you must have a fast and secure site. Starting your shop on Shopify is reliable and safe.

Additionally, all server upgrades and maintenance will be taken care of by Shopify. These measures will ensure that your store is secure and available to users at all times.

3.No tech worries

Launching your shop on Shopify does not require any technical expertise. This platform provides all the hosting and software you need. It makes setting up your shop and getting it running easier.

Furthermore, Shopify’s hosting service will be faster and more secure than what you can achieve alone. All you will need to do is focus on the sale of your products as Shopify will take care of all software upgrades.

4.24/7 customer support

The customer support of Shopify is pretty robust. Your business can never be on its own because customer service is available all hours and days of the week.

You can reach them through web chat, email, or phone. There are also community forums that can provide you with guides across the platform.

5. Mobile-ready

Mobile Friendly Shopify Store

It is essential that any online shop has a mobile-optimized site. This is because people now visit mobile sites more than desktops. Shopify is aware of this and its themes are mobile responsive.
You can have a store that looks good because of the free built-in mobile shopping cart it has. This will help customers shop freely in your store.

6. Customizable

Shopify has paid and unpaid versions of hundreds of themes on their theme store. All these options are mobile responsive. Every one of the sites is fully customizable.

You do not need to know coding before customizing your store to your taste. Therefore, creating your online brand using Shopify is simple.

7. SEO and marketing tools

Having an excellent SEO and marketing tool is good for business. This is one of Shopify’s selling points. These features will help your online store rank higher on search engines.

Using Shopify to start your online store will also give you advanced analytic tools. These tools will provide you with information about where your customers are coming from. You can then tailor your marketing accordingly.

8. Shopify’s app store is available

There are loads of functionalities in Shopify’s app store that you can add to your online shop. You can integrate social media sites and shipping programs, get in-depth packing slips and analytics, and also add a customer wishlist, loyalty program, and reviews.

With more than a thousand options to choose from, you are sure to get an app for anything you want. However, some of these tools are free while others are charged.

9. Own payment gateway

Shopify's payment gateway

There are dozens of payment gateways that have been integrated into Shopify. It also offers its payment gateway which is powered by Stripe.

You will not incur any transaction fees if you use Stripe. There is also the benefit of lower credit fees with it. To use it, you do not require a merchant account.

10. Abandoned cart recovery

According to statistics, many potential customers to your store will place a product in their cart and abandon it. There is a checkout recovery service provided by Shopify.

It automatically tracks and sends email messages to these potential customers. This is good for business. With this service, you can easily generate more revenue.

11. Scalable

The Shopify servers are capable of handling thousands of transactions per minute. This platform also has an impressive uptime which is good for business. Your store must be always live when starting out and Shopify gives you this opportunity.

The performance of the store will not slow down because of increased transactions. There is also the opportunity for you to scale when managing sudden store growth.

12. Shipping

Being able to ship your product is important. This is because it gives you the reach beyond your shores. Shopify works with major shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and many more.

All you need as a store owner is to purchase mailing labels from the Shopify platform. From here, your product can be delivered globally.

13. Reviews

Review is another important feature every business should have. It offers you the ability to collect feedback and comments from customers who have purchased your product.

The feedback you get as you start your online shop will help you device means to improve your business.

14. Gift cards

You can get gift cards on all Shopify plans. These cards can be sold online as products. You can also share them through your social media platform.

Issuing gift cards to customers as incentives or rewards is also an easy way to promote your business.

15. Available in 20 languages

You may not be ready to start selling your products globally when you use Shopify to start. However, Shopify will be ready when you want to sell beyond your borders.

Contents on this platform can be translated into up to 20 languages and products can be sold in more than 100 currencies.


Shopify is a perfect eCommerce solution for you to start your store. You are sure to enjoy many of its benefits when you start your online shop using it.

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