17 Simple Ways To Increase Traffic For Your Website

Feb 2016

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If you are a business owner and someone will ask you what is the one thing that you like the most in this world, you would surely say “customers”. You very well know that with more customers you will get more business i.e. increase in your revenue. If you have a business website, the most important thing that you should aim for is to generate more web traffic. If you could increase more traffic for your website, half of your work is done there itself. Being a marketer/business owner you should take every possible step to increase traffic to your website. Here is a list of ways through which you can increase traffic for your website.

17 Simple Ways to Increase Traffic for Your Website

1. Advertise it well

The first and foremost thing for any business is to advertise its website through various means. Whether you are going for paid search, social media advertising or display advertising, make sure that you reach your customers without fail. Choose your medium of advertisement wisely as you are not looking for traffic only but conversions too.

2. Get More Social

Become active on various social networking sites. Just producing a great content is not good enough, you have to make sure that people do read it. Rely on social media channels for right promotion of your content. Use various sites like Twitter, Google+ and Instagram depending on the content and target audience. Right use of social media platform can help you gain more traffic.

3. Blend It Properly

There is no one-size-fits-all philosophy for proper marketing of your website. You can use various content depending on the medium of promotion you are going for. To make it appealing and interesting for your readers use different content that vary in length and format according to the site where it is posted.

4. Write Irresistible Headlines to draw visitors

Even the best content with the most comprehensive information within it will go unread if it lacks a proper headline. A compelling and interesting headline is necessary for your content in order to encourage readers to go through your content. You need to write proper headlines for all your content so that it generates greater traffic for your website.

5. On-Page SEO is very Important

Go for a well-planned SEO strategy for On-page optimization. Make sure that all the tags, keywords and meta description is present there. Try to target long-tailed keywords as it can fetch you more web traffic. By targeting long-tail keywords you can make yourself visible to majority of web searches all over the world.

6. Start Posting as a Guest Blogger

Rely on guest blogging for bringing more visitors towards your website. If you can secure a position as a guest blogger on a reputed site, there is nothing better than that. Post your blogs on these sites to give your readers latest and original content. Do not fall for spammy tactics as you may find many sites going for not so ethical practices which can lead to penalty.

7. Go for Referral Traffic

Instead of going after other website for getting links, try to do something which will make them ask for a link. Create such amazing and trustworthy content that you will get request from others for getting links from your site. Get the maximum referral traffic from the links you will send to others. This referral traffic will lead to more customers on your website.

8. Get Connected with LinkedIn

The world’s largest professional social network has also become a publishing platform for all business websites now. You can post various content about your products and promote them on this hugely followed website. You will surely boost traffic to your site along with increasing your industry profile by being active on LinkedIn.

9. Use Schema/Microdata

Always incorporate schema/ microdata so that search engine bots can easily find and index your pages on the internet. Your web traffic will surely increase as search engines will easily index your pages. It can also result in rich site snippets to improve your click-through rates. Use this properly so that all your pages are indexed and shown by the search engines.

10. Link Internally for better result

Work on a proper internal linking structure so that all the inner pages of your website are properly visible to your visitors. Always tap on the opportunities where you can add internal links in your content. Beside helping with SEO, it will also enhance the user experience which in turn will lead to more web traffic on your website.

11. Email Marketing can be useful

You can use Email marketing as an important tool for your website promotion. Use emails to reach out to your actual and potential customers so that they are aware about your products and services. Never use this tactic excessively by sending relentless emails to people. Any query or question should be quickly taken care of. This will help in boosting your website traffic.

12. Responsive Site

With the world going mobile, more than 40% of your visitors are visiting your website through smartphones. You must go for a responsive website so that you do not miss on any visitor. You will have to make sure that your website is accessible and functional on any device. Be it smartphones, tablets or desktop your site should run on any and every device.

13. Loading Time should be less

Your visitors will surely move to your competitors if your site takes too long to load. If your site’s loading time is more, you should be ready for a much higher bounce rate. Optimize everything that is present on your website right from the content to images. Use seo-optimized elements to decrease the load time. The faster your site loads, better it is for you.

14. Community Platform

Build a community for your website so that your visitors, friends and colleagues can connect with you. Go for a robust commenting system with the help of a third-party to make your website more engaging and interactive. There is nothing better than a comment sharing platform for your visitors. It will help you in getting their views, feedbacks and suggestions for further improvements.

15. Comment Sections can give you visitors

Follow other commenting platforms and put your valuable insights on them so that you make a mark for yourself. Though it might not give you immediate results but gradually you will get traffic towards your website. Your comments and postings should be of high quality and relevant to the said topics. People will visit your site provided they find your posts worthy.

16. Rely on Analytics Data for proper planning

Track all your website performance information through Google Analytics. Use this tool for proper managing and controlling of your promotional and content strategies. You can check which posts or pages are visited maximum number of times and can strategize accordingly. Proper utilization of this tool will lead to driving more traffic towards your website.

17. Use Aggregator Sites
Submit the link of your website on various aggregator sites like Reddit and other similar sites. Do not over do it by submitting it again and again as it could lead to spamming. These sites have tech savvy and intellects who will flock to your website if they find the content informative.

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