3 Preferred PHP Frameworks In 2018

Jan 2018

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There are a vast number of PHP frameworks in the marketplace today, that have been wide used throughout the years. PHP has some great frameworks to make development fast, more productive and protects from errors.

3 Preferred PHP frameworks in 2018

We have put together the list of PHP frameworks that have emerged to be the best and offer the developers the ability to build more complex, secure, and well rounded applications faster than ever before.

1. Laravel PHP Framework :

The Laravel framework is highly favoured and preferred as it offers a robust set of tools and an application architecture that incorporates many of the best features of frameworks like Codeigniter, Yii, ASP.NET, MVC, Ruby on rails, Sinatra and others. Some of the best features of Laravel are listed below:

  • Multiple file system
  • Authentication
  • New directory structure
  • Template engine
  • Route caching
  • E mailing
  • Unit testing is an integral part of Laravel

Laravel uses the Model View Controller(MVC) paradigm or design pattern. It is easy and comfortable for any developer to get started with Laravel because of its excellent documentation. One of the best things about Laravel is that it handles noSQL structures like MongoDB or Redis pretty well.

2. Codeigniter:

Codeigniter is considered to an easy yet powerful PHP framework for its flexibility and less complex installation. It has an easy learning curve which makes it useful for beginners to start with. CodeIgniter contains libraries, simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries, plugins, helpers and some other resources which solve the complex functions of PHP more easily maintaining a high performance. The main features of Codeigniter are listed below:

  • Security and XSS filtering
  • Session Management
  • Query Builder Database support
  • Form and data validation
  • Full featured database classes with support for several platforms
  • Supports attachments, email sending class
  • Image manipulation library(cropping, resizing, rotating etc)

Codeigniter, like Laravel, is also an ideal framework for rapid application development. CodeIgniter’s full-fledged development of web applications is a breeze. It has a strong security system that includes built-in protection against attacks such as XSS and CSRF. It has exceptional performance capabilities and regularly outperforms the majority of its competitor.

3. CakePHP:

The CakePHP framework, with a history of over 10 years in the marketplace, supports both PHP4 and PHP5. It is a simple and easy open source network for PHP. It has been built in MVC pattern along with model class. With CakePHP, fast and secure web applications can be developed with very less code. It has built-in code generation with a scaffolding functionality to increase the speed of development & numerous packages to carry out general functionalities. Some of the important features of CakePHP are listed below:

  • Safe and secure
  • Good documentation
  • Clean MVC conventions
  • Safekeeping tools include cross site
  • User friendly tool
  • Scripting prevention and SQL injection prevention

CakePHP has its own file structure and standard for organizing files which makes it easy to find and reuse code. Configuration process of CakePHP is a breeze as it reduces the need for unwanted complicated files such as XML or YAML config files.

It can be easily said that you can accomplish everything you want with any of the above frameworks. They are considered to be the most preferred PHP frameworks. Deciding on which framework to use depends on a variety of factors. The features of each of these frameworks will help in making an informed decision.

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