3 Steps To A Damn Good Landing Page Copy

Apr 2014

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Seeing the importance of landing pages and tons of discussions made over landing page optimization, it has become very vital to have great landing pages for successful online business. And I think smart people have quickly adopted to that very favorable trend. However, if you haven’t, it is not too late yet.

To get few clever ideas on optimization of landing pages, you can visit our previous blog post on 9 ways to make your landing page more intriguing & salable, which was the biggest hit on our blog. Following the readers’ enormous interest & importance of the landing page optimization, I am back with another post on the same. However, this time it is about optimizing the copy i.e. injecting the persuasive content on your landing page. Please don’t forget to share if you find the post worth it. Linkbacks are welcomed too. So HERE IS THE GOLD:



Step #1-  Planning

To plan a hard-hitting landing page that hits the bulls eye & creates the actual desired action, be it filling a form, subscribing the news letter or doing a purchase, you first need to ask three questions & those are:

1.Who is your audience/ ideal customer?
Identify your ideal customer among available audience. Who is your ideal customer? What is her age? What are her expectations? & What inspires her to take the desired action?

Once you got that, list down them all & turn to your competition.

2.Who is your competitor?
The second-most & very important step is to identify the competition. Before you devote your efforts to your landing page, get a clear idea of your market & the competition. What are your competitors offering? What are available mediums to spread your word? Who is the one i can copy (Ofcourse, originality can sometimes mean copying smartly ;))? What are they good at that makes them salable?

Now as you are clear of what you are standing against,  it’s time to know yourself & your brain-baby; your product.

3.What are ins & outs of your product?
Nothing will work if you don’t know what are the central points you want to highlight about your product. By the word “Central Points”, I mean features & benefits it offers, especially the ones that are unique to your product i.e. not available with your competitors’ products. Write down precise benefits, features & specifications about your product. Also include product specific features (For example, a slim size can be a feature for a mobile phone).


Step #2- Pitching 
There is a big difference between content & copy. Content is intended to inform, acknowledge or educate while copy is intended to generate an action. So what should you do to write a copy that generates action?

As per a survey, an average reader won’t scan your page more than 3 seconds, especially when it is a promotional copy. So the first & very vital step for brilliant copy is to write exceptionally good title. 80% readers won’t continue reading the copy if it doesn’t appeal them. So you have to make them engage even if they tend to scan the document quickly. Below are the few definite elements that make your copy a compelling read as well:

A promising headline
The title sentence with huge bold fonts i.e. your headline is used to introduce the subject of your copy. So write a promising headline. For example, “Lose 4Kg weight”. Quickly next to the headline, write a sub-headline stressing little more on the promise. For example, “A 30 days plan that beat the exercise”. Remember however that you must never over promise than what your product delivers. Ultimately, it will result in loss of company’s reputation.

Clearly stated benefits & specs
Any copy, I would repeat, any copy, would need few great points in it that makes users take action. The action could be generated by highlighting benefits your product provides, that alleviates the pain of your user. Find out a frustrating problem that your customers are facing right now & state in clear words, how your product solves the problem.

One thing to remind here is, make the copy about readers. Don’t try to promote your product only from your side. Write in a way that users feel that you are willing to solve their problem, in a way that readers feel you want to help them.

For example,
“You have tried a lot to crop off the obesity, but you couldn’t. Ever.


Now as you are reading this, you are going to have at least 8 pounds of your body weight lost in less than 30 days & all this without any exercise. Just a pill, a tasteless pill everyday that will be removing off your fat while you are doing your routine tasks. And guess what? It is totally free of side-effects.”

If you have a very specific product, bulleted list can work even better in some cases.

For example,
“- No painful exercises
– No side-effects
– Clinically proven
– Lose 8 pounds in less than 45 days”
As now you have created a barely positive mindset in user towards your product, now you can pitch them with salient features so that they actually make a move.

After highlighting your product or service benefits, you have to represent some features that are unique to your product. Remember, represent your product features priority-wise. You have to make your user read the copy till the very last sentence. Arranging the features in prioritized manner will keep them engaged.

For example,
“- Affordable price- costs you no more than a pair of socks
– Free home delivery
– 100% Money back guarantee”

At the end of features & benefits section, add a big purchase/buy button so user who is convinced, can easily take the next action.
Step #3- Launch.
As you have completed analysis & copy-writing, now you can finally launch your landing page. However, if you are a true business-personality, you won’t leave any stone unturned in your way to successful landing page & so I recommend you to read our previous post on 9 Simple tweaks to make your landing page more intriguing & salable.

Everything done perfectly & every stone upturned properly.

As human perception of an object differ from person to person, nobody can calculate how much strength the landing page you created really has. So it turns to A/B testing. As soon as you complete your A/B test, you can launch your landing page.

However landing page can be as simple as an essay about tree & as intricate as a legal document, there should be a proper balance of appeal & persuasiveness. A landing page that is neither simple nor complex, a landing page that is just perfect.

If you have no idea on how to do it, our experts can help you for that. Consider buying our landing page design service to make another successful move towards progress in your business.

By the way, what is your way to write a compelling landing page copy? Love to hear from you.

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