4 Best Ways To Find Creative Design Ideas

Apr 2014

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That’s something every graphic designer will love to be.

But we all, being humans, have some limitations of ideation. Generating new & creative ideas is obviously the most challenging task for everyone who is professional graphic designer. Similar to “writer’s block”, graphic designers also face “designer’s block”-that is lack of innovative ideas due to overwhelmed mind! So what’s the cure?

You may try taking rest & refreshing mind with the stuff you like, but that doesn’t guarantee new & creative ideas. As a professional designer, working at YourDesignPick, I also face the same problem but luckily, we are trained for creativity. All I advice you is to develop a mindset of designer- a mind that finds inspiration from EVERYWHERE!

As the first step, hereby i will be sharing with you our 10 cool ways to find design inspirations for your graphic design. I am sure, it will help a lot!



I love to start this list with architecture as i am a big fan of creative architectural designs. I find that architectures around the world, especially the famous ones are really creative & intellectual, be it tall skyscrapers, sports grounds or cozy homes.

4 Best Ways To Find Creative Design Ideas

Burj Khalifa, World’s tallest building | img: sites.psu.edu

The reason why i love architectural designs is very simple; architects have to consider everything including shape, size, material, available room & above all eye catching design. What do you find in world’s most famous architectural designs? It’s timeless elegance.

 Design Inspiration in architecture- Brussels Airport connector

Brussels airport connector, Brussels | img: unstudio.com

Ranging from Amphetheatres of Romans, to religious temples of India, ranging from symbolic eifel Tower of Paris to the Dubai’s 7-star Burj Khalifa hotel, every renown architecture, & sometimes even unknowns too, have clever & beautiful ideas & design elements behind it. So you can also find out world’s best design ideas that will inspire you for most choicest colors, shapes and proportions.

Design inspiration in architecture- Carvings inside Akshardham

Beautiful Carvings in Akshardham, a Hindu temple in Delhi | img: thedivineindia.com


Cars & Bikes

Automobiles is the second great way for me to find inspirational designs. Be it symbolic red-colored Ferrari cars, Honda V4 concept bikes, Dual front-grill BMWs or Wind inspired Mazda cars, you will find some really untapped & rare design ideas in cars & bikes whenever you see them.

Cars design inspiration- creative tail light in Audi Q7

Creative tail light design in Audi Q7 | img: trucktrend.com

Since its inception cars have been symbol of status. The costlier the car is, the luxurious & the more beautiful it will be. All you need to find inspirational designs is, open Internet and search concept cars, super cars or beautiful cars etc on image search.

Design inspiration from bikes- Honda V4 Concept

Honda V4 Concept bike | img: luxurycars72.blogspot.com

Apart from amazing designs, you will also find some widely appealing shapes & proportions in different categories of cars. You can find Musculine cars with some Manly design elements, feminine cars with feminine design elements or simply elegant cars that includes everything that can be called BEAUTIFUL!

design inspiration from car- Mazda FURAI concept car

Mazda FURAI car concept | img: tophdcar.com


Movie Posters

How can I forget movies? The best way to indulge my mind when I’m bored. But the thing that is even more useful for me being a graphic designer is, MOVIE POSTERS. Yes, my instant glance at what is on fire.


movie poster design inspiration- Dev D

Creative movie poster design- Dev d | img: oneindia.com

Movie posters are intended to generate curiosity about movie & a flying glance at movie plot i.e. what you can expect in the movie. Thus, apart from being appealing designs, movie posters should also be psychologically provoking- designs that generate action, let alone trailers!

Movie poster design inspiration- I am not a hipster

I Am Not A Hipster- movie poster | img: youthedesigner.com

Ranging from 1940’s black & white silence movies to modern, 21st century SCI-FIs, you will find amazing graphical elements & colors that work on people’s mind in movie posters, especially TYPOGRAPHY. Movie posters are usually seductive, colorful & provoking which is quite ideal characteristic for promotional graphic designs (e.g. banner ads).

Design inspiration from Movie poster- 127 hours

Creative movie poster- 127 Hours | img: fromupnorth.com



MOTHER NATURE. She is the most creative and diverse artist you will ever find! Being the most creative graphic designer is, in many famous cases, nothing but imitation of nature. Seriously.

Design inspiration in nature- Black swallowtail caterpillar

Black Swallowtail caterpillar | img: bugphotos.com

Whenever I am unable to create a creative design concept, I head out to nature. You can walk out in forests, look at deep sea creatures, look for beautiful mountains of world or whatever that surprises you in Nature, I am quite sure you will find lots of inspirations for creative graphic design concepts.

Design inspiration in nature- Tulip fields

Tulip fields in China | img: thomascook.com

More specifically, here are few things of nature from where you can get creative design inspirations:
Sea creatures
Insects etc.

Design inspiration in nature- Beautiful fishes

Beautiful fishes in clear sea water | img: photofuri.com

There are too many other places & elements in real & virtual world where you will find creative ideas but what catches them all is your EYE OF DESIGN. So if you are looking for successful design carrier, my advice is to break-free! Free all your sense towards designs & you will start finding design inspirations wherever you go, just the way designers at YourDesignPick do!

What is your favorite source for design inspiration by the way? I’ll love to know.

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