4 Social Sharing Sites You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Mar 2014

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Sitting idle in hope of getting an instant hit, after writing a ravishing post on your site or blog, can easily be the most unwanted mistake you ever made. However, thanks to social bookmarking websites, you get lots of ways to make your content famous instantly on publishing it. There are some social sharing websites which you must know if you want to get more visitors and more hike for your blog/website & if you don’t want your website to lose a big part of its attention grabbing potential!

From our years of experience in SEO & SMM, here are four best social sharing websites and HOW TOs to make maximum use of them. This social sharing websites are either heavily beneficial to traffic or SEO for your website/blog.


1. StumbleUpon

At the time this is being written, Stumbleupon is on 153th spot in Alexa traffic rank list. It means that among millions of websites in the world, Stumbleupon is 153th website with highest traffic & user engagement!

Stumbleupon Submit For Social Sharing

Adding Your Url At Stumbleupon

However it is a privately held website, good news for you is that, as its registered user you can also submit your own webpage to its list of curated content. If you don’t know, let me tell you that Stumbleupon is free content recommendation platform where users can share and like webpages they like and save them to their interest lists.

The more likes your page gets, the more longer it will stay in their list & the more it stays on it, the more traffic it will be getting continuously. So the question now is how to use Stumbleupon to increase your blog/website traffic.

Here’s how you should deal with Stumbleupon:
First you have to register an account to get started using Stumbleupon.
-Upon registration, you will get list of interests to find upon StumbleUpon. Select your interests & you are ready to go.
-As you open your page, you will see a bar on the top & recommended website beneath it. -In top right of that bar, you will find your profile pic with a drop down beside it.
-Open that drop down & select Add Page. Here add the URL you want to get traffic upon & also place good keywords relevant to it.

Stumbleupon favors fun and interesting content. So if you are unsure of the viral potential of your content, Stumbleupon might not bring that much traffic to you. But if your page is really good, you will continue to get consistent traffic from Stumbleupon.


2. Reddit

Reddit is biggest destination for viral & user shared content today ranking 64th among top traffic websites in Alexa. Reddit got sudden upthrust in traffic after hosting AMA-Ask Me Anything by America’s president Barack Obama.

Social sharing over Reddit

Adding your link in Reddit

On Reddit, you can submit any of your link in related category, which they also call sub-reddits. Reddit virtually has sub-reddits for almost all types of content. All registered users can upvote or downvote the content shared by other users & also comment on them.

Shareworthy or interesting links get more upvotes & more upvoted links go to the top of the page. It means that if your link is engaging & interesting eventually it can get to the top of page & get hundreds or even thousands of visitors in a day. However beware, spamming may harm your Reddit reputation and may cause your links to get no viewers at all. In worst cases Reddit will block your IP.

Here’s how you should go with Reddit:
-First you register an account.
-Upon confirmation of your email address, you will be able to submit your links.
-On its homepage, you will find a button link in right sidebar saying “Submit a new link”. Click upon it & submit your link with attractive title.

Don’t spam with unrelated or self-promoting links. Don’t submit from the same site again and again. It may get you blocked. Keep your submissions as genuine as you can. You can read this complete Reddit guide to know it in depth.


3. Google+

It is quite easy to post on Google+ but the deal is to get your postings more famous. To get clicks on your Google+ posts, you have to have interesting titles & descriptions, eye catching images and lots of people in your circles at most .

Google Plus Page for Social Media Marketing

Google Plus Page With +s & Followers

The simple reason you can’t ignore Google+ is that Google considers your link’s Google+s to rank it in search engines. So apart from direct traffic, you will also get good search rankings if you are good at Google+.

Here are four essential tips to get most out of your Google+:
-Optimize your Google+ profile using keywords and relevant content
-Link your Google+ page to your site and social sharing buttons upon it
-Consistently post high quality content &
-Make your content more engaging

Read this post by Jeff Bullas for more on Google+ optimization.


4. Pinterest

An image is worth a thousand words. However you already know this, i needed to recite it because even in case of SEO, where images are believed to be killer,  it has proved correct. Pinterest, where user shares their favorite images is now 29th highest traffic website in world!

Social Media Marketing Over Pinterest

Pinterest Boards list, Pins & Followers

From our experience, we can say that Pinterest is biggest source of direct traffic after Stumbleupon & Reddit and it is highly inevitable for inclusion in modern social media marketing strategy. With millions of daily pins, no wonder your site could also get hundreds of direct visitors over Pinterest with proper optimization strategy. After you have registered on Pinterest, you can create specific boards, follow people and share your pins with reference link below that pins.

Essentially, good Pinterest marketing will need following precautions:
-Write relevant titles with targeted keywords
-Use description to build user interest
-Use text in images to grab attention
-Use longer images rather than wider images
-Include your site links as reference links
-Follow others & tag people by appending “@” with their Pinterest names
-Don’t create flood of pins, pin images time to time to build more visibility.

You can refer to this amazing post about Pinterest to know exactly how Pinterest works & what you should care of.

Ignoring social media can be critically harmful to your SEO & traffic building campaigns. Though Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc are most influential social media websites, including this 4 social sharing websites in your social media marketing campaigns can give an exceptional SEO & traffic boost to your website & its content. So Don’t forget to include this 4 social media sharing websites in your list when carrying out your next SMM campaign. Good luck!

We welcome great ideas from you readers, please leave your comments & suggestions.

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