4 Ways Your Web Hosting Can Affect Your Site Ranking

Jul 2016

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Choosing the right web host is one of the most crucial decision while taking your business online. A web host which is reliable and guarantees the maximum uptime should be selected. Getting higher rank in the SERP is the dream of every website and your pick for the web host will affect your ranking. You can gain better rank and revenues by choosing the perfect web hosting service provider for your business website. Do proper analysis and research about the web host before giving the final nod as it will affect your present and future course of business.

4 Ways Your Web Hosting Can Affect Your Site Ranking

As mentioned above, choosing the right web host can affect your site ranking, take your time before making your decision. Given below are some of the most important reasons how web hosting can affect your search engine rankings.

1. Location of Server

Google has made it clear that it will geo-target the search results and most of the times, the search results displayed are from the sites where the search has been originated. The result which is displayed on the search engine pages is prioritized to a website having a server in that particular region. The targeted customer base has to be analyzed to decide where your server has to be located. If your web host will have the server in the particular location where your targeted customers are, your search engine rankings will surely get pushed up.

2. Quality of Server

Besides checking the server location, the quality of the server must also be ascertained before finalizing your web host. You should consider both the qualitative and quantitative benefits of the server. While the server space, bandwidth, etc must be checked, management of the server is also important. You can go for shared hosting as it will cost you less but you will have to share the bandwidth and the disk space with others. You site’s performance will depend on other partner’s site performance who are sharing the same resources.

3. Page Load Speed

If your page takes too long to upload itself, get ready to lose both your customers and ranking. Google will drop your website’s ranking if it finds that your page takes much time to load itself. The plans selected for web hosting must be chosen after analyzing the pros and cons. Even the top web host may fall flat when put to actual test. Do not decide on the web host on the basis of price they charge for the services. With fast load of your pages, the average engagement time of your visitors will increase along with your search engine rankings.

4. Downtime and Uptime

Constrained by a tight budget, if you will choose a low-quality cheap web host, your site might have to face downtime issues. Not finding your website will not only annoy your visitors but the web crawlers as well. The search engines will not find your website and hence will not analyze it. The downtime issues due to server will be flagged by Google which will surely impact your search engine rankings in a negative way. Choose a web host which guarantees 99.99% uptime, making your website always available for visitors and Google’s spiders and crawlers.

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