5 BIG REASONS Why Content Is Inevitable For SEO

Mar 2014

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Search Engine Optimization is fast paced and ever changing industry, making it quite challenging for non-SEOs to rule the search results. However, we fearlessly claim that there is one single strategy that is core of all activities taking place in sphere of SEO that can help even non-SEOs to make search engines work for them.

In our huge experience of more than a decade, we at Smartinfosys.net, have learned that no matter whatever changes take place in SEO, one thing is never going to change & in fact, it is the future of SEO & that is “Content”. This is not just a belief, we have some strong proofs to make you too believe the same. Let’s have a look at those big 5 reasons to believe that Content is going to rule SEO:


Reason #1- This graph showing direct relation of content length with search engine rankings:

5 BIG REASONS Why Content Is Inevitable For SEO

SerpIQ’s graph showing how content length relates to search engine rankings

There are lots of different opinions on what’s considered “good” when it comes to content length for SEO. While there are no hard rules, the following graph showing average content length of top ranking domains, clearly indicates that content length is almost linearly related with search engine rankings. However this graph is not segmented in any way, it shows all SERP’s analyzed by serpIQ.

This graph shows that most of the posts on first place of search engine rankings are longer than 2400 words! As we move from first to tenth position, content length drops almost linearly & results on 10th positions have almost 400 less words than first result on the same page.


Reason #2- Google authorship as a significant SEO factor:

Since its inception, Google authorship has been a daunting factor for SEOs and Internet marketers. Initially SEOs believed that author rank and Google+ profiles were included in search engine ranking signals by Google but now it’s quite an established fact that Google+ & Google author rank are significant factors for search engine rankings.

Google’s Executive chairman Eric Schmidt alludes to importance of Authorship in his forthcoming book “The New Digital Age”. He quotes in Wall Street Journal: “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.”

Interestingly, Authorship is closely related to number of followers, shares and the quality of content the author is delivering. So essentially it boils down to quality of content that is solely enough to get your posts higher on search engine rankings.


Reason #3- Social signals are search ranking factors & content is social:

See the following graph to figure out how much important social signals are for the search engine rankings. This study by SearchMetrics indicates that Google+1s are most important social signals affecting search engine rankings while Facebook likes & shares, Pinterest pins, Twits and followers etc are heaviest factors in ranking the content.


SEO ranking factors

Search engine ranking factors as per a study by SearchMetrics

This graph shows that among top 10 ranking factors, 8 relates completely to social media!   Seeing totally practically, we also agree with the fact that our clients who also allow us to include social media in their SEO strategy, get quicker results and higher rankings than clients asking for SEO without social media.

However the sole important element here is social media, you can’t ignore that social media influence is completely dependent on content. Wisely designed content that strikes audience psychology always get more shared and liked which directly lifts your search engine rankings.


Reason #4- World’s top most visited sites are content-heavy:

I hope you have heard about Alexa- The Amazon.com flagship authority in Internet rankings. In short, Alexa is most trusted ranking authority that ranks all websites in world for their traffic and user engagement. We analyzed top 100 sites in Alexa’s Top 500 list & found that almost 40% of top 100 websites in the world are those which provide users with tons of fresh content daily.

Except some functionality based websites, most prominent websites are video sharing, social networking, image sharing, news portals, classifieds and user generated content websites which heavily depend upon their content for user engagement and traffic leads.

These websites daily uploads dozens or even hundreds of posts and provides users with highly engaging and useful content. These websites are rarely affected by external ranking factors other than its own content!


Reason #5- This Mind blowing statistics showing importance of content-full blogs:

However generating tons of content everyday is not everybody’s play, interactive blogs where user can comment, discuss and find niche-specific updates can be another option for businesses that have low content potency for user engagement.

-Websites with blog have 97% more inbound links compared to websites without blog
-Websites that blog have 434% more indexed pages
-61% of U.S. consumers have made a purchase based on a blogpost
-60% of consumers feel positive about a brand after reading their blog
-70% of consumers learn about a company through their blog rather than ads.

You can also find many more such statistics at QuickSprout’s post about importance of blog. The only gap you have to fill between your audience and your website is a blog filled with high quality content. However content is too much important for SEO, not everybody can produce it very well on regular basis.

In cases when your business is striving to get high search rankings and you have everything done right but rankings are poor, may be there is more need to focus on content now. If you are unable to create mind-blowing content, hire our professional content writers to give your business quick SEO boost. Till the date, we have written more than 15,000 copies of content & we will perform something really great for you. We are available 24×7 on email, chat & phone.

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