5 Common Website Redesign Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Jun 2016

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Your website is much more than your contact point with your customers. It serves as your best salesman and the most powerful marketing asset. With the new advancements and technology, your website needs improvements too. The redesigning of your website should be done on the basis of concrete data and analytics so that your website always gives best performance.

5 Common Website Redesign Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

If you are thinking of redesigning your business website for better results, there are many things which should be considered. Listed below are some of the most common mistakes that website owners commit while redesigning their website.

1. Waiting for too long

It would not be a wise decision to wait for years for redesigning your website. Make relevant and useful changes in the website design on the basis of actual data and analytics. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, gradual changes and improvements is necessary. Waiting for 2-3 years for redesigning your website will render it outdated both in terms of content and usability. Make small changes at regular interval so that your website is always in tune with technology.

2. Designing on insufficient analytics

If you have decided to revamp your website, there will be many idea coming to mind regarding the planning and implementation. Get your redesigning based on proper concrete analytics so that the conversion rate of your website can be improved. Check and manage your website data and analytics regularly so that you do not miss on any attribute. Redesigning your website on solid information will make it an instant hit among the visitors.

3. Content is not proper

If you are thinking that you can keep the old outdated content even after redesigning your website, you are grossly mistaken. The way it is important to constantly update and upgrade your website’s design, it is also important to incorporate relevant and latest content on your website. You can never achieve the desired results even after redesigning your website if your content is not interesting and engaging. Never go for old, outdated and inaccurate content if you want better revenues.

4. Creating a Non-Responsive Website

The biggest mistake you can commit is the decision to go for a non-responsive website. If you have planned to redesign your website, make it mobile-friendly so that it can be opened on any sort of device. You will be missing a huge number of visitors vis-a-vis customers if you are not designing a responsive website. Do not miss any potential customer to your competitors just because he visits your website via smartphones.

5. Less white space with too many colors

While redesigning your website, never go for too many striking colors as it can be distracting for your visitors. Using too many colors on your newly designed website will be uneasy and tough on the eyes of the readers. Usage of white space is very important. Your website must have enough white space as it makes it easier for the visitors to go through the entire website. Your website appears filled with text without proper use of white space.

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