5 Major Things To Remember About Mobile SEO

Apr 2016

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Doing business on internet without effective SEO is suicidal. If you have to grow and develop as a business unit on account of your website, SEO is a must. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only way to create a strong online presence for your business. You can make your brand stand out from hundreds of other competitors to make a mark for yourself.

5 Major Things to Remember About Mobile SEO

With most of your visitors shifting to mobile for reaching your website, importance of mobile SEO is at its peak. Search engines keep on changing their algorithms for search engines result. With several tweaks, search engines take into account several parameters for assigning rank to your website. Some of the major reasons why mobile SEO is gaining more and more popularity is listed below. These are the points which have to be kept in mind while deciding on the mobile SEO strategy.

1. Something you cannot afford to miss

Search engines have included mobile SEO in their parameters for ranking a website. If you want to gain a higher rank and vis-a-vis more traffic, you cannot afford to miss out on mobile SEO. You should use mobile optimized content for better results. Search engines will rank your website higher if you will provide relevant and optimized content on your website. Your website will be searched and projected on the search pages if you will have topic-specific content.

2. Integrate proper Redirect Key

If your website is redirecting your visitors to some other site, make sure that the destination site is the one visitors are looking for. You can direct your visitors to the version of website that best suits their device, be it laptop, mobile or tablet. Besides giving amazing user experience, it is also helpful in gaining a higher rank from the search engines. More visitors will visit your website if they will find the website to be device-friendly.

3. Go for Responsive Design

When it comes to mobile SEO, it’s always good to go for responsive design for your website. Responsive design will be instrumental in your mobile SEO strategy and mobile-optimization. Users have an inclination for responsive design as the website adjusts itself to the screen on which it is opened. Google also recommends it on account of its better performance and easy social sharing features integration. Responsive design will be useful for both your visitors and search engines.

4. Ensure best user experience

User-experience is very important for your mobile SEO strategy. Ensure that the mobile site loading time is less as it could be a big reason for losing your visitors to your competitors. Avoid irrelevant cross-linking on your website. If your visitors will not get what they have been looking for, they will quickly leave your page. Faulty redirects will lead to more bounce rate which will again be a factor for search engines to rank your website low.

5. Maximum visibility of Mobile Content

If you have a separate website for desktop and mobile, ensure that the content is similar for both these sites. Keep similar and relevant content on both the sites to minimize the chances of being labeled as duplicate or being penalized. All the necessary information which is present on your desktop website should be present on your mobile website also. Just remember that maximum visibility is the key to more traffic and higher rank.

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