5 Reasons Why Media Will Dominate Mobile SEO

May 2016

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The search engines keep on changing their algorithms so that you being a search marketer have to be on your toe. The search engine optimization industry has undergone various changes. What was trending during the last few months has become obsolete now and something new is about to knock at the door. You have to keep in mind that Google is made for the users and not for the websites so it always ensures better user experience. The user experience is influenced by the technological trends which changes every now and then. The only way to survive with the mobile SEO is to keep yourself up to date by integrating all the relevant changes.

5 Reasons Why Media Will Dominate Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is the new hot thing for search marketers. There are many changes which have dominated and will keep on dominating the mobile SEO. Since the number of mobile users have reached an all time high figure, mobile SEO has become even more important. Some of the changes that are bound to happen in SEO in the near future are listed below.

1. Voice Search is gaining more momentum

Since a modest beginning with Apple’s voice recognition app Siri till the Microsoft’s Cortana, voice search has taken a giant leap. These ‘virtual assistants’ have become much more advanced and useful for the users. People these days are using conversational queries, all thanks to these virtual assistants. The question words like who, what, where, etc have become the new search patterns for mobile devices. This attempt to answer these questions directly by search engines means ‘rich snippets’ and structured data will become more important for SEO.

2. Local SEO has become even more important

Local SEO was always important but with the increase in the competition, it has become even more important. You will have to remain on the top of local SEO by using smart keywords and updated Google maps information to tap maximum visitors. With intense competition in the market, going local is the only way to have an edge over your competitors. Even the Google’s Pigeon has confirmed that the role of local SEO is going to be a deciding factor for ranking. If you want to tap maximum customers do not miss this opportunity and grab maximum out of it.

3. Video Content will be more effective

Video is the most effective medium of engaging your visitors. Since only text can be boring and the visitors may lose interest, video plays an important role in making your website more interesting for the audience. Since your visitor will be overloaded with the information, some sort of fun and creativity will always be good. The videos are shareable and help you to reach maximum customers. More reach will surely increase your ROI and help your business to grow with each passing day.

4. Social Content indexing

There is no doubt that social media activation is a must in today’s digital world. If you want to tap this immense opportunity of reaching out to millions of people, you must have an effective social content on your website. Search engines give emphasis to the social media activation and will rank the websites higher on this account. Though it is still unclear how Google will index the social content, there is no doubt that the content will play a major role in increasing the followers and engagement. Mobile SEO will also take social content into consideration for better results.

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