5 Reasons Why To Redesign Your Business Website In 2016

May 2016

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There is no point creating a website and not maintaining it properly. Building a website is a daunting task and if you have done that, you should ensure that it serves the purpose well. You need to update and upkeep your website because search engines love to crawl the newly updated websites. Since technology is changing and giving rise to new advancements, it is important to change with the changing time.

5 Reasons Why To Redesign Your Business Website In 2016

Year 2016 will give rise to new techniques and being a website owner you should understand the need of renovating your website. Given below are 5 reasons why you should consider redesigning your website for better results.

1. For Attaining Better Performance

The popularity of website increases the web traffic generated on your website. Make sure that the web host you are selecting gives you fast and uninterrupted service. If you do not wish to spend a lot of money on web hosting, make your website lightweight so that it loads faster. The webpage can be written in a simple programming language, the stale content can be removed and the database can be managed with an efficient software. Though it might be a little time-consuming, it is worth the result it will produce.

2. For Integrating New Functionality

The more updated and latest technology you will implement on your website, better it will be for your visitors. Maximum visitors will visit your website if they find that newer and better functionality is provided on your website. Integrate social media buttons to attract more customers to your website. Redesigning your website will make it possible to add these important functionalities which will work flawlessly. Latest function and smooth operation will bring maximum web traffic to your website.

3. For Adopting New Style Trends

Adopting the latest and the most advanced designs for your website will ensure that your website is always amongst the visitor’s favourite. The visitors get the idea that your website is informative and well-maintained. The colors and shape of the page can be easily changed by modifying the styling scripts. Redesign your website by creating an interactive, user-friendly and responsive web design which will attract more customers. It is easier to redesign the site from the scratch rather than going for the complex code redesigning.

4. For Going With Mobile Interface

The amount of web traffic generated from mobile phones has outshined the amount of web traffic generated by the desktop. Though most of the websites does provide a mobile version of their website, the functionality is usually a matter of concern. The web pages being initially designed for the desktop website, unfriendly and slow on the mobile. Go for a separate mobile version of your business website as it will be more responsive and elegant. Besides giving a better user-experience, it will be ranked higher by the search engines.

5. For Getting Tax Implications

Besides giving you more business and improving your professional presence on the web, the cost of redesigning the website can be written off in the balance sheet as business expense. The various elements of redesigning your website can be included under several category and shown in the accounts of the business. Depending on the complexity of the website, the total expenditure can be written off as ‘software’ or ‘advertising expense’. Redesigning your website can give you a way to manage your tax implications properly.

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