5 Reasons Why Writing For Online Is Different Than Print?

Jul 2016

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If you believe that writing for online and print is same, You Are Mistaken! There is a huge difference between website content and magazine content. These two differ from each other on various parameters such as reader, engagement, sourcing, etc. While there may be some exceptions depending on the subject, these two are completely different from each other. Writing for online and print are from two different school of thoughts.

5 Reasons Why Writing for Online Is Different Than Print?

The 5 major differences listed below will make it clear that content for online and print does not match each other. While writing content for online, these points should be considered to come up the most interesting and engaging web content.

1. Engagement

You will get just a few seconds for grabbing the attention of your readers online. Since there are various other links present on the page, it’s not easy to pull back your audience for long. In contrast to this, a print media reader has all the time to read what he has brought. You can build up a situation before coming to your product in case of magazine’s content writing. The online content should be clear and concise from the beginning, informing your audience in a better way.

2. Length

Reading on computer screen is unpleasant and strenuous for your eyes as compared to reading in black and white. The readers as against on paper, will not spend more than 2-3 minutes on the site, reading your article/blog. The readers find it frustrating to read multi-pages online content on the internet while the same content is enjoyed when it comes in the print form. The ideal length for an online content is not more than 1000 words.

3. Responsibility

While both the form of writing involves responsibility, the accountability of the writer in online content writing is much higher. While writing for online, the writer should understand that readers will notice any flaw or error in their content. In case of print writing, it will take some time to be trolled by your editor but in case of online writing, it will be instant. Just write something unauthentic and you will be barraged within minutes by various readers.

4. Aim

There is a difference between the way stories are formulated and presented for online and print. While in case of print writing, writers spend hours to come up with a story, it has to be quick in online content writing. Readers expect a lot of data analysis and valuable information from print media but same is not true for online writing. While writing for online, you have to produce various articles/blogs within short period of time unlike print media.

5. Reward

There is no reason why there should be any difference in the pay of both form of writers, but it does happens. Due to wrong perception that online content is easier to produce, online writers are paid less than their print writer counterparts. However, this difference in the rewards can be matched by writing more. Expert online writers charge per hour for writing on various specific subject. Once you will gain a strong foothold in the field, earning will not be an issue for you.

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