5 Things That Will Create A Long Lasting Impression On Your Potential Clients

Sep 2017

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Is there such a thing as a hard and fast rule to win over the hearts of your potential customers? Although all businesses strive to earn the loyalty of customers, what make customers come back to a business over and over again are those small gestures which leave a memorable and lasting impression. It doesn’t matter if you are running an established business or a startup because creating a long lasting impression on potential clients can go a very long way in forming strong and solid customer relationships.

5 Things That Will Create A Long Lasting Impression On Your Potential Clients

So, how do you make good first impressions that last?

Serve Clients In An Exclusive Way

Make your service experience one of a kind for all clients instead of sticking to traditional practices in customer service. Ask every client his or her name, and offer a more personalized service. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, and a new customer walks in, the best way to make a lasting impression is by serving their ordered dish with their name written on it. You can also offer a special discount card to the customer when you hand over the bill. This simple gesture will likely establish your image as a business that focuses on making customers feel special and encourages customer-oriented culture.

Pay Attention To Your Clients’ Preferences

Another way to create a long lasting impression is by paying attention to their wants and preferences. This will make them feel that you truly care about their needs. if you have a website, make it easier to navigate through a search option for filter items according to your visitors’ preferences. Similarly, when a customer sets foot in your store, ask what they need, and even though you might not have the exact product they want, you can give options that match their preferences. There are higher chances for a customer to come back when they feel taken care of and welcomed.

Practice Active Communication

Active communication with clients is another surefire way of making a lasting impression. A post-sale communication make clients prefer and trust your brand. You can have more repeat customers with the use of smart communication tools such as live chat. Use social media accounts to stay connected with clients. Send Thank You emails to customers on a regular basis, and keep them up to date with your future ventures. These actions will make them see how much you value them.

Create a Wonderful Experience from the Get Go

If you like to win over your clients, exert some effort in making their experience pleasant from the very start. When a customer arrives in your store or visits your website, greet them warmly. Before they even ask for help, take the initiative and strive a conversation as to what they are searching for, and bring them to product racks, and show the items they need.

Do the Unexpected to Surprise Customers

Finally, do something least expected to leave a more memorable impression on clients. For instance, you can send thoughtful gifts to clients on their birthday complete with handwritten cards. You can also schedule an event for regular clients, and make them feel special and privileged.

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