5 Tips To Attract Repeat Visitors To Your Website

Aug 2016

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Attracting visitors to your website is not easy but influencing them to return is even more tougher. It has been a proven fact by researchers that visitors visit your website atleast 5 times before making a purchase. The significance of repeat visitors is vital as it can lead to sale, the ultimate aim for every business entity. The more repeat visitors your website will generate, better it will be for your business growth and development.

5 Tips to attract repeat visitors to your website

Though there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to attract repeat visitors, there are some important points which should be considered. These elements, if integrated properly will help you to bring more repeat visitors to your website.

1. Unique & Relevant Content: Content is the single most important element of a website. Updated, relevant and informative content is instrumental in bringing repeat visitors to your website. Use a blog page to post quality information on several topics. Your blogs/articles will attract visitors if they will find it informative and updated. Your unique and fresh content will urge visitors to return again and again to your site.

2. Providing Useful Links: As stated above, visitors come to your website to gain useful information. You can bring repeat visitors to your website by providing them important links which appeals to the market. Your visitors can return to your site to access the links easily after knowing that valuable resources are available. The visitors can be requested to bookmark the pages for quick and easy accessibility. Updated useful links will ensure repeat visitors on your website.

3. Building of Community: Use various tactics such as blogs, polls and forums to engage visitors and increase visitor participation. Building a community where your visitors can come together and discuss on various topics is a great way of increasing visitors. Just creating a community is not enough, you have to ensure that it is active with maximum participation. Such arrangements for your visitors will make them loyal to your website.

4. Managing Listing With Newsletter & RSS feeds: Staying connected with your visitors to notify them with your company’s products/services, events, etc can help you to bring repeat visitors. The most common methods of connecting with the visitors are through newsletter and RSS feeds. You can use these useful tools to create a listing of various visitors. Do not irritate your visitors with excess intervention. Use these tools judiciously to increase your repeat visitors rate.

5. Using Social Network Tools: Various social media platforms have enabled visitors from around the globe to come together. You can use social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to join the millions of users and increase your target market. You can use these platform to promote your site without any geographical boundary. Stay connected and give your audience the updated information to turn them into repeat visitors.

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