5 Tips To Design The Most Engaging YouTube Channel Page

Jul 2016

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Youtube is a platform to showcase your company’s face through motion picture i.e. videos. You can put your best face out on the internet by crafting your own youtube channel page. Though it might appear simple in its appearance, youtube page consists of many complex elements. There are various features which can be fine-tuned to optimize and enhance the user’s experience. Make your page design stand out from others by following the tips mentioned below.

5 Tips to Design The Most Engaging YouTube Channel Page

1. Start with a great channel trailer

Your page design should be such that it gets your visitors hooked within few seconds. The visitors wants instant results and if they will not get it, they will leave your page quickly. The trailer of the channel can be a strong medium to attract visitors. The visitor’s attention can be grabbed instantly by brief representation of your content. Instead of telling people, showing them your intent is always a better idea.

2. The channel name and description should be optimized

The name and description of your channel will appear not just on your homepage but on various search engines. It has to be appealing as it will be appearing on other suggested channel categories on youtube. The channel name should not be same as your URL as it will create conclusion. You can change the channel name without affecting the URL of your business site. While writing the description make sure that you highlight your important content at the top.

3. Choose the right icon

The icon for your channel page must be selected in such a way that it looks good even in very small resolutions. It is much more than being stylish and attractive, it is about branding. In case of other social media sites at the most your friends will not like your profile picture, over here it might ruin your marketing strategy. Selecting the right icon will be your best bet to pull maximum viewers to your youtube channel page.

4. The channel art should be made beautiful

The place where your content will be seen and how it will be seen will decide the number of viewers it attract. Visitors will be accessing your channel from different platform like desktops, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Your aim should be to optimize your page to look great on every platform. Make sure that you give your visitors something more than a mere logo, they should get much more than visual pleasure when they see you on youtube.

5. The feed should be properly maintained

Feed is an important medium to keep your loyal subscribers entertained. If you are putting up content on your youtube page, you should maintain proper system to manage the feed. Even if you will not upload new content every week, feed can give you an active appearance. Default feed can include uploads and videos which you have liked. By adjusting the sharing settings, you can stop yourself your bombarding your visitors with new updates. You can go for a setting which allows you to like certain videos or comments on certain days of the week only.

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