5 Top Reasons Why Small Business Need Internet Marketing

May 2016

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Starting a new venture is easy but sustaining it in the competitive market is a tough job. In today’s digitalized world majority of your marketing activities should revolve around internet marketing. With the growth and development of internet, traditional forms of marketing are taking a backseat. The only way to survive in this competitive world is by making yourself visible on the internet. In today’s world of internet, customers search for products and services before coming up with a final buying decision.

5 Top Reasons Why Small Business Need Internet Marketing

Having a strong web presence is even more important if you are running a small business. The need for making yourself available is a must if you want to make it big. The maximum visibility on the internet can bring you visitors which can be converted into customers. The various reasons why you cannot neglect internet marketing are listed below.

1. Customers search on search engines before a purchase

In today’s world more than 90% of the people search for products and services before giving their final nod. Various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have become the companion of the customers when it comes to buying a new thing. Imagine the kind of loss you would be facing if your business is not available on the internet. Optimization of the website is very important if you want your website to be seen on the first page of search results.

2. Social Media is loved by all

There is no alternative of creating a stronger impact through social media presence. Spending time on the social media has become the favourite activity of millions of people. The kind of market social media can give you is beyond imagination. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc are the platforms which can be used to reach out to millions of your customer. Besides interacting with the new customers, it also helps you in targeting new customers.

3. Blog plays an important role in gaining more customers

Publishing a blog on your website is an useful way of bringing more web traffic to your website. It has been found that around 90% of the companies that publish blogs at a regular interval generate more traffic than the ones which does not publish blogs. Write and publish latest and interesting blogs on your website which will urge people to read it. The shares and views of your blog will ultimately bring more customers and increase your revenues.

4. Web content leads to more customers

Relevant and latest web content helps in generating more web traffic. It has been found that the websites which have more than 30 landing pages generates 7 times more leads than the other ones having less than 10 landing pages. Write interesting and engaging web content while expanding your website. It is also a great way of optimizing your website for search engines. Expanding your website will make you more visible on the internet.

5. Rely on Local search

Showing up on the local search is very essential for tapping the maximum customers living near your locality. The local customers will pay you a visit quickly as compared to other customers residing far away from your location. Rely on local search and also encourage your customers to post a review on Google, Yelp, etc. The positive reviews posted for your business builds the brand credibility. The customers are likely to believe a business entity having positive customer’s opinion more than the ones which have no or limited local presence.

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