5 Ways Internet Marketing Will Change In 2016

May 2016

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Internet marketing has rocked the world with a bang is going to continue to do so in the future as well. There are bound to be some changes that will take place in this year as far as internet marketing is concerned. Ask the experts and you will get various answers or predictions for the year 2016. It’s always better to analyze the changes before they actually knock at your door.

5 Ways Internet Marketing Will Change in 2016

As stated above, there will be changes for the betterment of both the customers and the owners. Some of the changes that are believed to take place in internet marketing are listed below.

1. Better Systems Will Streamline Processes and Build Relationships

There can be two ways through which marketers can reach their customers. One is through complete automation without any or less personal contact. The other one which is expected to gain more importance in 2016 is through building relationships. The internet marketing has helped the marketers to grow their business based on authentic relationship and real engagement. If you want your customers to become loyal to your brand, you will have to make them feel special. The sale based on strong relationship which you will do, will be long-lasting in nature.

2. Higher Engagement With Smaller Audiences

Besides building stronger relationship with the customers, one thing that will be seen in 2016 is the emphasis on the smaller target audience. Internet marketing will see the marketers focussing more on the email marketing to target the small group. Segmenting and positioning of the market will become even more important in this year. Internet marketing will help the marketers to deliver the exact thing what the customers need within less time. Make sure that your marketing strategy is good enough to engage your target audience.

3. Content Will Be More Dominating

Since more visitors are attracted through the video and images, the marketers can expect great results from live streaming. Live content will become more dominating in this year, making it easier for the businesses to engage their visitors. Though this strategy was adopted earlier also, this year it will become even more stronger. The videos and images on your website will convince your customers in a better way as against the text. The better content you will have on your website, better it will be for your revenues.

4. LinkedIn Will Become More Powerful

The LinkedIn is much more than a platform to find a job. People usually get references from their contact list for a job with the help of this platform. Internet marketers look at it differently. With the launch of Sales Navigator, there is a lot more which can be done through LinkedIn. You can use this platform in 2016 to find, track and contact your prospects. The capabilities of LinkedIn has also been improved with Pulse, publishing platform and even Slideshare. These available options have made LinkedIn a strong tool for lead generation.

5. Mobile and Video Will Take The Centre stage

The world is going mobile, infact the number of users who are searching your website through smartphones have crossed the desktop users. The need of a responsive website is at an all-time high. The mobile website and inclusion of video is going to be a deciding factor in 2016. If your website does not work on small devices, your ranking will be affected. Streaming video, video chat, and video product descriptions will be more influential in this year. Build your website on these parameters and set it apart from the others in the market.

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