5 Ways Magento Extensions Can Make Your E-commerce Website Successful

Feb 2018

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Magento is one of the most favoured and powerful PHP application development framework for developers all over the world. Magento is an all in one package and has been preferred for ecommerce websites.

Magento extensions are equally favoured as they can fulfill needs of the ecommerce websites easily and help create user experience easy and very comfortable. With its worldwide popularity, most of the ecommerce stores use Magento extensions to increase revenue and improve the image of the business. It is the most feature rich platform for any ecommerce website and gives seamless experience to ecommerce shopping website.

5 ways Magento Extensions can make your ecommerce website successful

Below we have listed 5 unique ways Magento extensions can make your ecommerce website successful:

  • Enhance customer engagement – One of the best ways for ecommerce website owners is to stay connected to their customers. Even the customers cannot wait for response to any of their queries. For every business it is vital to respond to customers needs or else they will look for other options. It is important to stay connected always and there are magento extensions available that help stay connected to customers all the time. A magento plugin named Zopim Live Chat, powered by Magento will sort out this issue and speed up the response time.
  • Security – The most important part of any ecommerce website is security. ecommerce websites generally require online payments and if customers are not assured of secure payments they will not prefer to shop on this ecommerce website. They need an assurity that their online payments are highly secure and the information is also kept safe always. Magento extensions are available to keep this information secure. One such Magento plugin is an ideal solution to keep and process the payments in a secure manner with the help of Secure XML gateway. It makes sure that online customers have their payment details safe and secure completely.
  • Shipping – Shipping is one of the major roadblocks for an ecommerce business. However there are magento extensions that are very helpful to make shipping easier and hassle free. Ecommerce businesses cannot survive in the long run if they do not have a smooth logistics. There is a magento plugin available, Shipworks, that provides the functionality such as labels creation, sending emails to customers and updating orders.
  • Google Analytics – Google is a major search engine and Google analytics is the most comprehensive platform to analyze how a website is performing. Magento extension for Google analytics has features like improved ecommerce, tracking user ID and it also supports content grouping and product refund. Thus it will focus on important functions while the admin does not have to worry about technical analytics part.
  • Better Functionality – Magento extensions have proven to provide better functionality in terms of website performance and give a great shopping experience to customers. It is highly advanced and can easily remove products from the online store. The users get to experience some great functionality based on AJAX.

Magento being a very important PHP platform, has advanced plugins that can accelerate experience for all ecommerce websites. The above are some of the main benefits of using Magento extensions for an ecommerce website.

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