5 Ways To Energize Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Jul 2016

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Mobile marketing enables organizations to communicate with people in a relevant and interactive way through mobile device. With time, the approach towards mobile marketing has changed but the reasons for doing it, still remains the same. Being a marketer, your aim is to delight and engage your customers so that the profit can be maximized.

5 Ways to Energize Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing needs your customers to opt-in and provide a platform to communicate with highly engaged customers. Since the buyers are more engaged, more conversions can be aimed through effective call-to-action buttons. Listed below are some of the most valuable tips to jazz up your mobile marketing strategy.

1. Mobile Messaging is still relevant

SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) were the traditionally used messaging services. With the downpour of messaging apps like WeChat, LINE and SnapChat, mobile messaging has undergone a complete makeover. Though with these new apps, users have tilted towards technology, traditional messaging still plays a dominant role. The open rate of SMS is 98% and MMS has an average click through rate of 15%. Just make sure that while using this medium, you should not invade the users as it will ruin the whole strategy.

2. Mobile Website is a must

Having a mobile website is a must in this digital world where your visitors are more likely to visit you through smartphones. The number of people using mobile devices to reach your websites have surpassed the visitors using desktop to reach your website. With such a huge market, it is nearly imperative to build a mobile website for visitors reaching you through mobile. With a responsive design, your site will be visible on every device.

3. Mobile Apps will be an added advantage

According to a rough estimate, 83% of marketers have agreed that mobile apps are important for content marketing. The mobile apps, intended for target audience already present on mobile, can be used both online and offline. You can engage your opted-in mobile users in a deeper way to collect more information about their tastes and preferences. Build your mobile app according to the strategy and objective of your business to make it more engaging.

4. QR Codes will boost your online impact

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) are used to quickly download content onto a smartphone using an image. Downloading is done usually by taking a picture of the QR code and scanning it. There are marketers who are not keen to adopt these codes because these codes can be clunky and moreover, not all mobile users have QR code readers. With time, new creative ways to drive your audience and engage them with QR code function has emerged.

5. Augmented Reality will bring users nearer to the real world

It is live view of the real world enhanced by computer-generated output such as sound, output, or images. Augmented Reality(AR) can be seen through a smart device such as Google Glass. With AR, the mobile users can see the real world with virtual outputs. There are softwares which will scan and recognize the various images and display them in the right output. AP app integration will generate a positive feeling in the buyers and leads to higher sales.

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