6 Essential WordPress Tips to Save Time and Boost Productivity!

Apr 2018

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Regardless of whether you’re new to WordPress or an old user, below are 6 most important tips for you that you must know.

6 Essential WordPress Tips to Save Time and Boost Productivity

1. Linking relevant text to existing content:
Building internal links on your site is an incredible method to keep up the value of old content. It’s likewise extraordinary for SEO and will help hold guests on your site. To link to a current content on your site, first feature the content you wish to link to and press Ctrl/Cmd + K to get the Insert/edit link box. Then, at the bottom of the dialogue box extend the Or link to the option of existing content. You would then be able to type in a relevant keyword to look for relevant content on your site to link to.

2. Shortcut for inserting a HyperLink:
Tapping the hyperlink symbol to embed a URL can take your few minute. However, to spare time, utilize an alternate way. You should simply highlight the content you need to link to and after that press Ctrl/Cmd + K to embed another link or adjust a current one.

3. Save time and bulk edit the post:
Let’s assume you have to upgrade a number of blog posts by including another tag or category. Contingent upon the size of your blog posts, this could turn into a time taking a procedure, particularly in case you’re taking a gander at several posts to be updated. Well, a wise way is to bulk edit the posts. Simply, Tap on Posts → All Posts. Look for those that you need to edit in Search Posts. Now, place a checkmark beside the ones you need to edit. At that point, tap on the Bulk Actions drop-down menu and apply the Edit alternative. You’ll at that point see a Bulk Edit menu fly up that’ll enable you to change tags, categories, authors and so on.

4. Line breaking shortcut:
Some of the time when tapping Enter/Return in order to begin another paragraph, you may see that there’s an excessive space in the middle of the lines. It’s a fairly disappointing experience, particularly when you’re utilizing a bulleted or numbered rundown and you need to make another paragraph inside that particular number/bullet point. To avoid this, utilize a line break, which will begin another line without the additional space and without including another number/bullet. To include a line break, just hold Shift + Enter/Return.

5. Use of Screen Options for customizable work area:
Talking about bulk editing, utilizing Screen Options can enable you to discover posts faster. This component empowers you to either add or hide features to whichever page you’re on in admin area. To get to the Screen Options fly down menu simple scroll over the way to your screen’s top and you will find it at the upper right. Contingent upon the page you’re on inside the admin area, Screen Options will enable you to hide, show, and customize certain areas.

6. Decreasing post revisions:
Post revisions resemble an implicit time-machine that spares each content edit that you make vastly. Revisions develop after some time and can influence your site to run slower, in this way making your work process slower. To accelerate your site and your efficiency, you can set up various revisions you wish to spare. To do this, simply open the wp-config.php file and add this line of code to restrict the number of post revisions:
characterize( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 3 );
Here 3 indicates what number of revisions are made per post or page. You can even change this number.

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