6 Insane (But True) Things About Website Redesigns

Sep 2017

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The website design process is not just all about the website’s outward visual appearance. In fact, there is so much more to website redesign than merely focusing on the bells and whistles that don’t really have any function at all most of the time. If you have plans to redo your website design soon, you might be blown away by these insane but true things about it.

6 Insane (But True) Things About Website Redesigns

1. The verage attention of humans has decreased from 12 seconds in year 2000 to merely 8 seconds now. It is remarkably much shorter than the 9-second attention span of goldfish.

Imagine how goldfish has longer attention span than humans. This is why you have to give your audience exactly what they want in as simple as possible or else, you will lose them to your competitors. You also have to ensure that your website loads fast on both desktop and mobile, and that users need not spend a lot of time searching for the things they need.

2. Every age group reacts differently to different aesthetics, layout, and content.

Everyone knows the importance of using smart content for contacts in various lifecycle stages. However, if your target audience greatly varies in terms of age, you have to dig deeper on how you will be able to customize your site for every age group. It is called the age-responsive design which has been getting lots of attention this 2017.

3. When you focus on something, you tend to ignore other things. It happens most of the time online, since people are very task-focused.

It is known as inattentional blindness, which is common in the internet world. For this reason, it is again imperative to understand your target audience and determine their wants, and give these to them in the simplest way.

When you give them several options, there’s a chance that they will not know where to go to achieve the goal they want to accomplish, and they will also miss the rest of the information you laid out in front of them.

4. There’s a high chance that people who fit your demographic will feel inclined to check out your offer once you specify them right away and even use their own language.

You have to know who you are marketing to, and connect with them on a more relatable level.

5. If people are unsure what to do, they observe others’ behavior to guide their own actions, specifically their peers. When you see lots of people doing one thing, this something will be viewed as the right behavior.

You surely heard of social proof. This is what it is all about. People will more likely share an offer or article when they see that others did the same.

6. The moment your page loads, your users form their opinion in a matter of .05 seconds.

First impressions are really important, especially in the online world. See to it that your pages use the combination of relevant imagery, easily understandable content, and consistent branding to create this impression.

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