6 Must Have Elements For A Successful E-commerce Website

May 2016

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Since today’s competitive market calls for staying one step ahead of your competitors, most of the businesses are going online to reach maximum customers. Creating an online store and selling your offerings to the target audience is becoming a trend these days. Just building an e-commerce website is not sufficient, you should take every measure to make it a hit among customers. The most important thing that you should consider while designing an online store is best user experience and better functionality.

6 Must Have Elements For A Successful E-commerce Website

With hundreds of e-commerce websites already present on the web, your online store should have something peculiar from others. There are certain elements which must be present in your e-commerce site to give it a winning edge. Your online store should ride high on usability and functionality to convert maximum visitors into customers.

1. Ability to Search

There is no point having numerous things to sale when you cannot make it available for the customers. You should have a prominent search box on the site which works flawlessly. The visitors should be able to search for the items which they are looking for easily. Use breadcrumbs which will highlight the items they are looking for. The visitors should get maximum flexibility so that they can access the store items effortlessly.

2. Adding Shopping cart

The visitors need a functional shopping cart which can be accessed from any page of the site. Making your site user-friendly and functional will attract maximum visitors which are actually your potential customers. If you want your visitors to spend time on your website and spend money, you will have to give them every reason to do so. The cart should allow the customers to change the quantity and add/delete items at their will.

3. Showcasing your Products

The real reason why a customer will re-visit your online store is the kind of products you are offering to them. The products should be displayed in the most effective and attractive way to urge your customers to shop more. The photographs of the items should be shown in the best way with right amount of light. Give detailed description about the item such as color choices, exact dimensions, weight, etc to answer all the questions a customer can have.

4. Incorporating Calls to action

You will have to actually start the engine of the car if you want to reach somewhere. However beautiful your design be and whatever be your product collection, your business will not increase without call to action buttons. Incorporate various CTA buttons and highlight them for the visitors so that they can find them and click on it. Make sure that the design of the buttons is appealing and it functions well to increase the site’s effectiveness and overall popularity.

5. Unbreachable Security

The most important things for your online store’s customer is the security. You should make him understand that if he is giving the card details, nothing unwanted will happen. The e-commerce site should have the updated SSL certificate. The payment gateways which are used for the payment transaction should be approved and reputed. The customer should be convinced that the payment information entered by him is safe and secure in every aspect.

6. Proper Contact information

The customers want to see valid and genuine contact information on the site. The customers should be convinced that in case of discrepancy there is a place where he can approach. The questions and the queries of the customers should be addressed and resolved quickly. Give the proper contact information where you will be available for your customers. Never keep your customers waiting to resolve an issue and ultimately losing their faith forever.

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