6 Reasons Why SEO & Your Website Are Inseparable

May 2016

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With more people switching to product analysis before buying a product, the impact of internet is on a roll. Around 93% of the idea of buying a product or service begin with an online search on search engines. Google, being the market leader plays an instrumental role in triggering the buying decision of the customers.

6 Reasons Why SEO & Your Website Are Inseparable

If you want to attain a higher rank on SERP, you will have to implement an effective SEO strategy. The points listed below will further consolidate the point that SEO is like oxygen for your website. If you want to improve the ranking and traffic of your website, SEO is the only way out.

1. Cost-effective as compared to AdWords and PPC

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) brings maximum amount of organic traffic to your website. As against Adwords and PPC campaign which charges you money for directing traffic to your website, SEO does it freely. If your website will appear higher on the search engine pages, visitors will naturally click. You do not have to set aside a budget specifically for traffic generation. SEO gives you every opportunity to save on your budget while gaining higher ranking & traffic.

2. It builds the credibility of the brand

Visitors trust Google and go according to the results shown by it. If your company appears at the first position on the search engine page, it will surely be considered as a reputed company. The credibility of your brand will rise among your visitors. The lower rank of your website on Google and other search engines will make people skeptical regarding your brand. SEO will help your website to win trust of the people and help it to grow and develop.

3. More than half of the visitors click on the first result

According to a rough estimate, around 60% of the visitors click on the first name appearing on the search result pages. It simply means you are losing the maximum customers if you are not on the first page of the search engines. SEO will help you in securing the top position on the search engines and gain most of the visitor’s click. The better position you will achieve on the search engine results, better it will be for your business.

4. It gives you accessibility to the relevant data

SEO will also give you insights about the latest trends in the keywords and searches. Keeping a note of these valuable inputs will help you make an effective SEO strategy for your website. You can integrate the keywords which are mostly searched by the visitors and improve your ranking. Collecting the relevant data and using it for one’s own benefit will give you an upper hand in the market.

5. The maintenance required is minimal

SEO requires lesser maintenance cost and time as compared to the other forms of advertisement. The various advertisement requires continuous flow of money for giving results but SEO is not that tough to manage. You will surely have to give a little time towards upkeep of the higher position but it will not be that tough. Once you have attained the first position, it will be tough for others to take it away from you.

6. It gives you an edge over your competitors

Since the people are more concerned regarding the competition in the market, they are putting more efforts to win maximum customers. You might be left behind in the competition if you will not implement the SEO strategy. If you want to get an edge over your competitors, you should invest in SEO. Do not get bogged down by your competitors by not implementing SEO as it will bring down both your ranking and reputation.

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