6 Things To Bear In Mind Before Getting A Website Designed

Aug 2017

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So, you have finally decided to put up a new website. Instead of taking a plunge right away into this project, you can save yourself both money and time when you consider these 6 important factors you need to keep in mind.

6 Things to Bear in Mind before Getting a Website Designed

What’s Your Objective?

It may sound a bit obvious, but it is a must to have a clear and definite objective for your new website. Do you wish to establish an online presence for your business? Will it be for personal use? Without an objective, it will be impossible for you to get started.

Look for Examples

Try to check the website of your competitors, or look for websites that caught your interest. This will help you not just in narrowing your objective but also in giving you a good idea of what kind of design and style you would like for your new website.

Pay Attention to Branding

With no branding, your website will never have its own identity. You still need branding even for websites meant for personal use. For bigger companies, it refers to logos and other existing branding materials you already have. On the other hand, you can also come up with something new to modernize or spruce up your existing branding identity.

Don’t Forget Content

It is undoubtedly the most crucial factor to enjoy a quick turnaround. If you already have an existing website and you are contented with its content, it’s perfectly fine and you can just transfer copy. If you don’t have any content at all, getting some could help. You can choose to write it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Good content can help create a site map which serves as the basis of websites.

Color Scheme

The color scheme for your website could coincide with your business brand, or you can choose something different for your website. While colors are not really that important, it will be great if you get a feel of what you want to achieve right from the start. Pick colors that will complement and blend well with each other.

Images and Videos

Finally, consider the images and videos you will use on your website. Was there ever a time you find yourself in a website completely bare of images. For sure, there was never such a time. Images of the products, your team members, your business premises, and just about any image related to your company or website can be very useful. More personable images are always better. You can opt for stock photos, although these might not be a good idea all the time, especially if you like your site to be specific and individual to your company alone. It is also important for your images to be updated so when you revamp your old site with old images, it is recommended to get a professional who can take top of the line and updated images and state of the art videos.

These are just some of the many factors you have to consider when you build and design your website.

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