7 Benefits Of Mobile Application Development To Ecommerce Start-ups

Feb 2018

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Mobile Applications are now being preferred over desktops because of their convenience, speed and adaptability. For an ecommerce business, mobile application development has become vital for success. Consumers feel ease of shopping online through mobile applications. In 2017, we have seen tremendous growth in mobile applications and there will be an even more increase in 2018.

7 Benefits of Mobile Application Development to Ecommerce start-ups

Digital commerce has become an inevitable part of the sales industry today. And because of this, Mobile Application development has gained popularity. Ecommerce industry involves buying and selling goods and services through internet much quicker and easier and Mobile application make it even more convenient and pleasant.

Below we have listed some of the major benefits of Mobile Application Development to ecommerce businesses.

  • Enhanced User Experience – User experience in today’s age is the most defining factor that determines how well a business is performing. It is also of vital importance for a potential customer to decide on a purchase to be made or not. With so many online stores coming up, online buyers are spoiled for choices. But for an ecommerce business, competition has become tough and clearly requires them to pay attention to consumer needs. A mobile application is more convenient and adds value to the brand. Mobile applications reduce load time and give user a personalized experience. In order to make ecommerce business successful, mobile application development is very important.
  • Better Conversion Rate – According to a survey, mobile applications drive 189% more conversions than mobile websites and 50% more conversions that desktop e-stores. Thus when ecommerce mobile application get more traffic it can get more conversions. Mobile application help in creating strong connections with customers and engage more with them. Most of the social media platforms can be easily integrated with the mobile application. Mobile applications have facility to make offers and deals for users and that also helps in increased conversion rates.
  • Detailed Analytics – It is easy to gather data in a mobile application. In a mobile application, it is easy to monitor user’s interaction and other useful information that helps analyse user behaviour and responsiveness to features and content. It is easy to get feedback and get respond to customer queries. This will help to make improvements in the applications and help increase sales keeping in mind the customer needs. Thus mobile analytics is great way to increase potential sales for ecommerce business.
  • Customer Loyalty – Mobile applications are highly optimized and personalized which helps acquire and retain customers. With an ecommerce mobile application, the customers have convenience of online shopping and special deals and offers that are exclusive to the application. This helps in retaining customers and getting their loyalty. When customers get ease and convenience of shopping and an experience personalized for them, they will want to be loyal to your ecommerce brand.
  • Mobile Features – Now a days smartphones are used for shopping and when mobile features are integrated with ecommerce mobile applications, the ease of shopping creates a good sales environment. Smartphones are equipped with latest features like built in camera, location detection that are helpful in marketing and sales strategies and thus help in ecommerce business.
  • Ease of access and maintenance – A mobile application has constant login and remembers and store all purchases that helps the customers as well as the sellers. With mobile applications it is easy to contact customers and make offers and deals that are customized to user’s needs. It helps customers access their account easily and there is no need of login again and again. Mobile applications are a good way to develop a brand image.
  • Easy integrations – Mobile Applications have integrations to all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Customers can share and post links or products on social media platforms easily. This is one of the most important benefits of having a mobile application for an ecommerce start up.

For all the budding entrepreneurs 2018 will be an exciting time to start an e-commerce business. With the digital solutions available today, finding, targeting and converting a market segment has never been so accessible. A custom built mobile app increases your chances of success manifold. You do not have to over-analyse the differences between two separate marketing eras, you just need to follow the guidelines and take advantage of the unique e-commerce solutions you have at your disposal.

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