7 Crucial Things Your Website Might Be Missing

Mar 2016

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The first and foremost thing that matters for your business in this competitive world is a website. Without a business website, it is very tough to survive and grow with so much competition all around. Having a website is not good enough, you will also have to make sure that it functions well. You have to see that search engines shows you on the first page of SERP.

7 Crucial Things Your Website Might Be Missing

Search Engine Optimization is the most important factor for your website. It is the reason why your website will be more available or unavailable to your visitors on the search engines. Below mentioned are seven most important tactics which can be followed to gain a higher rank and more traffic.

1. Unique & Relevant Content:- Nothing can be compared with the importance of content for a website. Even if you have the latest features and best design, your website will not become visitor’s favorite unless you have the right content. Try to give your visitors relevant, fresh and unique content so that they come looking for it again and again. Your website will become a visitor magnet if you will have the most sought after information on your website.

2. Use Important Keywords:- Keywords used in your website’s content is of utmost importance. Use the keywords which are maximum searched by your visitors. Do not over-stuff your website with keywords rather sprinkle it uniformly throughout the pages of the website. If you have selected the most searched keywords for your website, you are most likely to generate web traffic and also get a higher rank for your website.

3. Importance of Links:- Both inbound and outbound links are very important for higher ranking of your website. Linking to other websites and getting links back from them is a simple and useful measure to increase your site’s ranking. Link building is very important for gaining the trust of your visitors and search engines as well. Search engines rank your site on the basis of the number and kind of links you are getting for your website.

4. Site should be Superfast:- One of the main reason for your visitors to switch to your competitors is your site speed. Your website should not take much time in loading. High resolution images and flash elements should be avoided to decrease the loading time of your website. Make sure that your web hosts are not having hosting issues which can also affect your site speed. If you want to gain more visitors and get a higher rank by search engines, make sure that your website is fast.

5. Social Media Involvement:- Your website should be present on maximum social media sites in order to generate more traffic. A huge chunk of your actual and potential customers are present on these sites so you can tap them from there. Search engines give a lot of importance to likes, comments, share, etc while ranking your website. Increase your friends, followers and shares to increase your community to stand out from your competitors.

6. Use more Call-To-Action (CTA):- If your website is not using proper call-to-action buttons, you might lose the much needed traffic. Use all the proper CTA so that your users are guided properly while using the website. Use clear commands like “Call us now!”, “Request a Demo” or “Buy Now” so that your visitors can easily select what they are looking for.

7. Use Analytics Tools:- Proper use of various analytics tools will allow you to track and manage your visitors. Analyzing your visitors data will give you various inputs for the relevant changes that should be made. The kind of visitors coming, total time spent by them and other important insights will give you tips to make changes in your website. Visitor’s behavior can give you important traits on which you should be working to attract more traffic.

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