7 Most Powerful And Effective Ways To Promote Your Blog

Jul 2016

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So you have decided to start your blog for promoting your business or educating readers on various topics doing the round. Creating a blog on the various blogging sites is not difficult but making it engaging should be your main aim. Right promotion of your blog will bring maximum traffic to your blog. The visitors on your blog page will share your blog on various social media sites, making it more popular on the internet.

7 Most Powerful and Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog

The whole idea is to make your blog more engaging for the readers so that they spend more time on the page. It can serve as the best marketing tool for your business, generating a strong fan base for your offerings. The readers will keep coming to your blog page if you will follow the tips listed below. These writing, publishing and promotional tips will make you a favourite blogger gaining maximum readers vis-a-vis customers.

1. Grab Google’s Attention

Getting the attention from the world’s largest search engine (Google) will automatically bring more traffic to your blog. Your blog should be optimized with content that is appealing to the site’s ideal visitor demographic. Write SEO-friendly content with relevant keywords which will help you rank higher in the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

2. Publish On Regular Schedule

If your visitors will notice that you post your blogs regularly on a specific day, they are more likely to return again and again. Give your readers the informative and relevant content which they are looking for and they on account of their habit will return regularly. Ideally you should publish your content 2-3 times a week, preferably on the same date and time.

3. Strong Network With Other Bloggers

A person in the same niche is more likely and willing to promote your blog than any other person. It’s a simple “You do it for me and I will do it for you” approach. Social media sites can be used to connect with these experts in the same domain by commenting on their blogs. Backlink building can be helpful in building relationship with the bloggers.

4. Platform for Others To Promote the Blog

You can make your audience to promote the blog for you through various ways. The readers can be given permission to share the content of the blog freely. The visitors can also use the various social networking buttons which you have added to share the blogs with their connections. Your readers will themselves do the promotional work for your blog.

5. Include Multimedia Experience In The Blog

Simple text can be boring for your readers, include pictures and embedded videos to make it more interesting and engaging. Blog platform like Wix can help you to add non-textual elements to your blog without learning how to code HTML. The simple feature of drag and down allows the user to create visually-appealing site quickly.

6. Create A Strong Social Media Presence

Social media sites have billions of active users and not using this platform as a marketing tool will be your greatest mistake. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc can be used to create a strong and impactful social media presence. By posting regular updates about your blog and giving links below, you can bring maximum visitors to your blog page.

7. Include An Email Marketing Plan

You can use features like Wix Shoutout to contact all the visitors through mail. There will be hundreds of anonymous readers/visitors on your blog page who can be converted into an email lead. Use professional and beautiful newsletters to contact these leads via email. This will lead to establish a strong online relationship pumping future sales.

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