7 Ways You Can Increase Conversions Through Web Designing

Feb 2018

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Conversions or Conversion Optimization is a system of increasing visitors to a website, sales from the website, or get any desired action on a website. These desired actions could be filling out a form, converting prospective clients into clients or subscribing to any service. A website is created with objective of having highest conversions.

7 ways you can increase conversions through web designing

There are several ways to increase conversions for your website but the most important is website designing. A good website design can help increase traffic, get customers and attract repurchase from the website. On the other hand, an unattractive website can lead to customers leaving your website and you losing a lot of leads. Below we have discussed 7 ways you can increase conversions through web designing.

  • Logical Layouts: In a website, it is important to make sure that the layout has an underlying logic. The placement of content holds an important factor in the layout of website. Every website visitor must get the idea about the layout and structure of the website easily. Keep in mind the action a visitor would like to take and create an ease of navigation for them. An easy layout will help visitors understand the flow of the website and create a better impression in their minds.
  • A/B Testing: A/B testing is an improved method that helps your website increase its conversion rate. Through A/B testing technique, you can have two versions of your page, each one having a separate headline or a different graphic, different copy, etc.
  • Page Speed Monitoring: According to a recent survey, 7% of the customers are lost due to 1 second delay in page loading. A good page speed is an important aspect in increase in conversions. A delay in page speed can lead to loss of many prospective customers. Keep checking your page speed at regular intervals as an important routine for your website design.
  • Use of Colours: Visuals are the most important in a web design. According to a survey, visual aspects are the top influencing factor that affects purchase decisions of prospective customers. The design and aesthetics of the website need to be differentiated from the competitors to get ahead. Colour combinations can invoke emotions and convey a brand personality. Also keep industry standards in mind while picking colours.
  • Responsive Design: With an immense increase in use of mobile phones, responsive design is a must have. More conversions can be made when your website works on various types of devices. One of the key factors for conversion rate optimization of ecommerce websites is responsive design of websites. Enhanced user experience leads to increase in sales and helps in getting more leads.
  • Optimize Headlines: The headlines in your website must be compelling and attractive. Your headlines should convey clear messages and grab people’s attention to keep them reading. Make it clear as to what will the reader get out of the page. Make concise and clear headlines. All headline must be creative and unique. This can be very important in conversions.
  • Images: Images play a very important role in creating compelling website designs. Custom images are attractive and make the website stand apart from its competitors. You can also use videos as they are the newest trend and tend to keep visitors engaged in the website a long time. Make sure to use relevant and clean images that convey message easily.

Now that we have listed the 7 ways you can have increased conversions through Web designing, put them into implementation and see the difference. There are no definite ways of increasing the conversion rates however the above points can prove very useful.

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