8 Reasons Why You Should Use Video on Your Website

Jun 2018

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Videos undoubtedly offer a significant boost to your online marketing efforts. Inserting videos in various sections on your website is rather a creative approach to attract and engage your visitors for a longer timespan.

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Video on Your Website

There’s a reason why 68% of the top website retailers use video content on their site. If you really want to stand out from the cut-throat competition and get noticed in the target online market then custom video is your silver lining.

1. Convey Message Quickly

Videos offer a great complement to written content. Unless the visitor is an avid reader, delivering message through video over written text is quick and easy to comprehend on the visitor’s part. However, written content should not be completely replaced by videos. A safe strategy would be to offer a mixture of both.

2. Actively Engage Website Visitors

Custom video has an added advantage over other forms of content. It does not simply tell your visitors about the product or service in question, it “shows” them. This is commonly referred to as active engagement. People tend to process and recollect information quickly when actively engaged. Additionally, delivering your message effectively (both visually and audibly) attracts more visitors eventually leading to improved search engine rankings.

3. Increase Website Traffic

Stale content is a turn-off for search engines. Adding new content – be it an updated web page copy, new blog post, a press release, or even video content – is an uptick for them. Why not grab the opportunity to create a fresh and engaging custom video? You can even target keywords and optimize your video accordingly. This offers an upper hand in achieving higher search rankings and increase your company exposure.

4. Give Your Business a Professional Face

A video of your team in action – how accurately will it represent your work culture and overall company profile! From the visitor’s viewpoint, watching an engaging video is definitely better than reading lengthy “get to know us” company profiles. More importantly, profiling videos are more convincing and strengthen your company’s personality effectively.

5. Build Visitor’s Confidence

Increasing conversions is the ultimate goal of any business website. Business owners must realize that people like to buy from sites they are confident of and have proven their transparency time and again. Preparing videos on product/service demonstrations, company target achievement, live delivery, and customer testimonials offer a great way to get visitors close to your company.

6. Maximize Your Reach

Custom videos can be used as an interactive medium to increase your brand exposure. Social media platform offers the most effective way to increase your reach. You can post the video on your YouTube channel and share it on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. An engaging video with strong call to action will certainly increase visitors to your site.

7. Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

In today’s cut-throat industry, setting yourself apart is a must to beat your competitors. Videos are becoming more and more widespread with time, however, there are many companies that don’t pounce on this opportunity. This makes it even easier for you to truly stand out from the crowd. No matter whether your industry is highly specialized or higly commoditized, videos offer a great way to differentiate your company.

8. Acquire Repetitive Engagement

Getting repeat visitors to your site is difficult than you can imagine. Remember that first visit is pivotal and an engaging website with relevant videos about your company and products/services will definitely hold their attention long enough to mentally bookmark your website. Repeat visitors are purchase ready and willing to promote and interact with your brand.

You can add engaging videos that highlight your products/services, teach how to use your product to viewers, or address a common issue often faced by customers. A good idea is to break a video into segments and promote the upcoming one in each released video.

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