8 SEO Traps To Avoid In 2016 For Better Google Ranking

Jul 2016

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Google keeps on changing its dynamics and algorithms for ranking websites. SEO is undergoing rapid changes in its strategies to rank a website. With the evolve of the Google Penguin update, you have to be on your toe to get better rank in SERPs. Since there are various practices that are being followed by marketers, there is every possibility that they might get trapped in something which they must have avoided.

8 SEO Traps to Avoid in 2016 For Better Google Ranking

Listed below is some of the traps which should be avoided to gain better ranking for your website.

1. Link building

Since Google has made it clear that buying, selling and asking for links is allowed unless you are not violating the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Go for an effective link building approach to maximize your visitors without violating Google’s guidelines.

2. Anchor texts

With the update in Penguin, keeping exact matching anchor texts has become much riskier. Over-optimization of anchor text may lead to penalization of your website. It is advised to use just 5-10 links to a wide variety of anchor text with a few major keywords.

3. Targeting Pages

Try targeting the whole profile instead of going for a single page or specific pages. A proper link profile is considered as the most important SEO ranking factors. Use your Google Webmasters account for a link evaluation while building your profile.

4. Mobile friendly

Google is considering mobile-friendliness as a deciding factor for your site’s ranking. If you are having a well-designed mobile-friendly website, you can rank higher than your competitors. Your site must be mobile optimized if you want to rank higher on search pages.

5. User engagement

The whole idea is to make your website more interesting and engaging. The more engaging your site will be, lesser will be the bounce rate which will improve your SEO ranking. Analyze the behavior of the audience to enhance the user engagement.

6. User experience

Your website will be judged on the user experience it provides to the visitors. Bad experience by the users will lead to drastic downfall in the ranking of your website. Your visitors will quickly switch to your competitors if you will not give them easy navigation and updated high-quality content.

7. Content creation

Constant updation of content is required for attaining a better rank in SERPs. You cannot expect a better ranking by updating your content once or twice a month with some posts. Give your users what they are looking for and Google will give you a higher rank.

8. Quality content

Copied or duplicate content will make your visitors hate your website and it will have a negative impact on your site’s ranking. Create relevant, original and informative content for your visitors. Make sure that the visitor’s questions are answered in the most easy and effective manner.

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