9 Tips For Writing A Killer Headline For Your Website

Mar 2016

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If you have created a website, the next step for you should be boosting conversion for your website. Right headline can increase the conversion of your website and bring you more revenues. There is no point writing the perfect content if you cannot engage your visitors to read it. Just remember that your headline must ignite an interest in your visitors for reading your content. There is no point wasting your time and money in creating a website and writing content for it, if no one is going to read it.

9 Tips For Writing A Killer Headline For Your Website

Writing headline for your website is an art in itself and should be done in the perfect way to attract maximum traffic. With an interesting and engaging headline, you can convert your visitors into your customers. Listed below are some useful tips for writing a strong headline for better conversion.

1. Go with a Formula

You can create a headline based on a formula. There are many headlines which follow a set pattern and still grabs more eyeballs. You should write a headline, be it of any pattern to attract and engage your visitors. No one cares whether you are creating something out of the box or you are using a set pattern to write your headline, all they care is its crowd-pulling capacity.

2. Number should be Used

Since web is bustling with words and your visitor find it difficult to differenciate your headline from others, go for numbers. Using numbers in your headline can make your headline distinctive and attractive for the users. Visitors find numbers more convincing and easy to associate with the words. Go for numbers in order to give your visitors an interesting headline.

3. Integrate certain Words & Phrases

There are certain words and phrases which have to be used while writing your headline. 2 word phrases like ‘this is’, ‘how to’ and 3 word phrases like ‘this is the’, ‘when you see’ and ‘what happens when’ are some of the most popular phrases used for headlines. Words like focus, free, new are used for writing effective and engaging headline.

4. Length of the Headline

There is no hard and fast rule for the number of characters which can be used for writing a headline. There are different school of thoughts who have different theory regarding the number of characters that should be used. You can go for any number of characters depending upon the subject and the kind of impact you want to create on the visitors.

5. It should be Useful

The headline should show its value to the visitors in the very beginning. Your headline should create a useful impact on the visitors so that they go ahead and read the content of your website. Use some triggering words which will incite your audience. Your visitors will read your content only if they will find the headline to be useful to them.

6. Better selection of Words

Choose your words wisely if you want to create an effective headline for your website’s pages. Keep the words simple without much complexity so that it can be easily understood by the audience. Your words should be clear and to-the-point so that it hits the targeted visitors. Use simple headline to arouse the curiosity of the audience.

7. Sometimes Bad is Good

You can use some sudden and shocking words to attract visitors to your website. Words like ‘Kill’, ‘Bleeding’, etc can draw attention of your visitors urging them to go further and read the whole content. Sometimes a negative or an evil word can bring the much needed attention of your audience. Do something out of the box to convert more visitors into customers.

8. Raise a Question

Raising a question can always be a useful trick to engage your visitors. Your question should hit at something which the customer was looking for and he will surely read your content. You should hit at the curiosity quotient of the audience. Do not go for too many questions as it can ruin both the mood and interest of your visitors. Use questions only for important topics.

9. Do not Lie

Do not mislead or cheat your visitors as it can lead to loss of credibility among your audience. State your facts correctly without any ambiguity. Your visitors would love to listen to the truth rather than false claims. There is no point promising something which you cannot deliver. Say what you do and do what you say in order to gain the trust of your audience.

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