A Deep Dive into Drupal

Oct 2019

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You must have heard your favorite band playing on a well-known music app or you must have streamed a video in a streaming application. What is more mystifying is that you received a list of curated movies and music based on your taste and choice. This is not surprising anymore because of personalization that is the name of the game now.

A Deep Dive into Drupal

Drupal has the necessary provisions to add a personalization into your site to tailor the content of the customer site as per his instructions, accelerating user engagement. Personalization is the way to go for providing a satisfying user experience. Drupal has the necessary clout to build personalization features into your site and enhances user engagement as you go.

Proper analysis of web personalization is deeply significant for digital firms and it has been derived that among marketing strategies to drive business growth, web personalization is far too important.

Web personalization implies that based on the attributes of target audience such as profile, behavior and location of the users, you should pamper the audience with content that is both dynamic and personalized to provide them with the relevant website experience. This means that tailoring the website according to the user needs and offer the best content that is relevant to them.

Due to the intricacies of managing web content online and dishing out curated information relevant to the audience, one might get the impression that this is a rather convoluted and time-consuming tactic privy to select and big manufacturing concerns. But all this can be overlooked for getting a piece of the action right here in your small website also with the help of right tools and strategies.

66% of users feel that web personalization is acceptable considering that the content is relevant and is from companies from which they have purchased not so long ago.

Web Personalization with Drupal:

Drupal 8 perfects the foundation for incorporation of technologies to enable personalization from marketing automation to web analytics. Drupal 8 has web marketing services has curated the process of sharing meaningful information over the net with external systems. Drupal can be accessed by anybody as standard data sharing formats.

Drupal module Acquia Lift can portray precisely as to what consumers want and never serve them personalized content. However, with Drupal effectively in place, digital marketers get an inkling to testing and control of marketing activities and a hand on automation.

Acquia Lift helps uniting content and picking up related information from various sources to deliver contextual and personalized content over the net and sharing it across multiple platforms. The functionality of Drupal module Acquia Lift is behavioral targeting and A/B testing, merging customer profile and joining known and unknown visitor profiles.

Drupal automated marketing practices states that marketing automation and content management systems have been known to produce gratifying results with their current responsibilities not to be underrated. Marketing automation has revved up speed around Drupal with communities going gaga over its achievements.

Your content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal is responsible for turning around marketing automation on its head. The content available on your website will leverage the site with the help of CMS.

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