Are You Maintaining Your Website That Was Created ‘Once Upon A Time’?

Oct 2017

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Website launching is a crucial first step in any website’s journey. A lot of people believe that after the site’s launch, it is time to relax. Besides, all hard work is already done, right? Well, it’s either yes or no.

Are You Maintaining Your Website That Was Created 'Once Upon A Time'?

Remember that launching does take lots of energy and time and some people never make it to this point. But, if you want your website to grow and succeed, you have to update and enhance your website consistently. For you to navigate through tough times after launching your website, it is important to have your own web management plan. Without this, it is easy to fall off course, fail to move your website, and get discouraged in the right path.

  • Clean Up Post Launch Tasks

    Your site is already live now and it’s definitely a good feeling. Nevertheless, after you congratulate yourself, it is time to do your role. Since site launches are very stressful times, it is essential to fix some crucial aspects of your website.

    One of the first things you should do is checking the website speed. Having a website that is fast loading will enhance the user’s overall experience and would help you rank higher in search engines. To get started, use some tools to know how your website performs. See to it that you have a schedule that includes checks on a regular basis to ensure that your site performance is not slipping over time.

    Another thing to do is to double check every image. There are times that your images might be the wrong size or you will have duplicate images across your website. Do a website run-through to ensure each image you are using is basically the one you intended. To improve the speed of your website, use a tool for optimizing images to compress the images before you upload them.

    Once you launched your site in a hurry, your content might contain some errors that could throw off the visitors. Several basic things you can check include browsing your content for misused words and spelling errors, ensuring that everything is formatted properly, and making sure that your content is optimized for every search engine properly.

  • Make And Implement Marketing Strategies

    For your site to achieve success, you will need a way to increase your website traffic and customers. The launch of your website might have a big splash, yet what are the things you plan to do in sustaining that momentum? Well, there are various marketing methods you can choose from. Whenever you are selecting a marketing method suited for your business, it is wise to start with a question about where your audience hangs out. Once you answered this question, you can quickly choose a marketing method right for your needs. Some of the marketing strategies you can consider are social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, and content marketing.

Maintaining your website can make a big difference in growing your business online. With proper management plan for your website, you will definitely succeed in reaching your goals.

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