Benefits of Designing e-commerce website with Magento 2

Aug 2019

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Magento 2 remains a favorite e-commerce solution to hit the market. It is an open-source ecommerce platform and is an improvement over magento 1, giving an immersive experience to large as well as small users. Magento 2 is faster to load, easier to use, quicker to navigate and offers better security features and is more customizable. Magento 2 has several attractive features that allows large enterprises to render shoppers with a very lucid shopping experience.

Benefits of Designing e-commerce website with Magento 2

  • Improved Performance and Scalability:

    Magento 2 provides shoppers with an advanced query performance and it has an indexer which is fast on the uptake to update the user with facts, data, catalogue data, users, prices and stores thus speeding up the online store.
    The web page loading speed increases dramatically thanks to the integration of Varnish Cache which is the leading https accelerator. The cache is managed better in magento 2 with full page caching for the online store to step-up loading with lightning speed. With a faster loading speed, users will enjoy an immersive shopping experience.

  • Customer Cajoling:

    Customer making a purchase are led to facilities such as upsells and cross-sells thus increasing the revenue potential for the company. So taking advantage of these features, it gives a lucrative opportunity by way of discount coupons and free gifts. This feature also helps adding promotions to checkout pages as to reduce cart abandonment rate.which enhances your sales potential.

    Besides cross selling and upselling, intuitive media including videos are added to express more reasons to customers to initiate a purchase.

    Magento 2 is a powerful platform that can easily service all your e-commerce needs with ability to handle large amounts of orders, and effectively handle a large inventory. It also offers all the payment gateways.

    The magento 2 can process orders faster than magento 1 with faster loading speeds. Magento 2 can service much more visitors and handles more traffic than magento 1 with faster checkout times that enables smoother check out experience.

  • Very Responsive:

    With majority of users taking to mobiles for shopping, it is imperative to make access easy to online purchasers on mobiles and magento 2 is very responsive making it very mobile friendly. Magento 2 is developed responsively to give a very friendly checkout experience. The magento 2 references exclusive responsive themes that can be viewed by all devices and on different screen resolutions seamlessly.

  • Pleasing SEO Measures:

    It is clearly understood that traffic to a site is generally generated from organic search, hence magento 2 offers all the SEO features and more to instill in a very comprehensive site. One of the benefits of Magento 2 is that it was made keeping SEO URL structures in mind and setting up XML sitemaps etc is a breeze.

  • Personalizable Security Features:

    Security features are very strong in Magento 2 with reCAPTCHA aided login screens to secondary password aided screens and PCI data security as customary. There are many security advantages in magento 2 that developers can benefit from.

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