Busting 7 Internet Marketing Myths

Jun 2016

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Internet marketing has rocked the world with its importance and implications. If you want to survive and thrive as a business unit, an effective internet marketing is a must. Internet marketing is on a role and is constantly evolving and changing with the technology. Earlier the only way to rank higher on the Google was through inserting the right keywords at the right place but now things have changed. With online marketing coming into play, things have changed and they have changed really fast.

Busting 7 Internet Marketing Myths

Since every business wants to go beyond its competitor, there is a chance that they might fall into the traps of online marketing. Right strategy with right implementation will give you better results in the long run. There are various internet marketing myths which should be avoided so that better results can be achieved.

1: Myth about Content

Many designers believe that content is not very important and they can get away by putting “lorem ipsum” on the page. It might be helpful in giving you a quick start in designing but is not a solution. Relevant content is a must for your visitors to stick around and give you more business.

2: Myth about title (H1) Tag

Though H1 tag is still relevant and important it is not the only important element on the page. Since people started spamming it with keywords, Google changed things so that if H1 does not match the rest of your page, it ignores it. Put relevant H1 tag for your page to bring positive result.

3: Myth about scroll

Another myth that developers have is the fact that they believe visitors hate to scroll. Though it was considered tedious earlier, scrolling has become the second nature of users. It provides better usability and it is always better than clicking and loading a different page.

4: Myth about links

There is no point increasing the number of links without checking its quality. Your focus should be towards fetching relevant and diverse links for your website. The key is to increase the quality and not the quantity as it helps in getting a better Google ranking.

5: Myth about homepage

Your homepage is the front door to your business. Use content for the homepage which is engaging and convincing so that it leaves your visitors satisfied. However you should also focus on other pages of your website as visitors these days are inclined towards visiting other pages too.

6: Myth about number of pages

More number of pages does not necessarily mean a better ranking as not everything which is published gets indexed. Moreover your site can be penalized for having duplicate content on multiple pages. You should have requisite number of pages with relevant & unique content.

7: Myth about Google submission

Though you can always submit your brand new site to Google, it can find you even without submission. Crawlers will find and index your website in due time with or without submission. You do not have to worry too much regarding giving Google your site’s visiting card.

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