Can Website Visitors Really Turn Into Potential Clients? Why Not!

Aug 2017

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Increasing the number of website visitors is something that can take up too much time. But, is it possible to turn these visitors into potential clients? Why not? To help you out, here are some ways on how to make it possible.

Can Website Visitors Really Turn into Potential Clients? Why Not!

State Your Offers Clearly

What actions do you expect your site visitors to make? Do you want them to spend time reading your content or buying your products? Each of these must have a call to action button. You have to be clear with your offer to customers. You will look more credible when you are more specific with your offering.

Make the Most Out of Live Chat

Customers love it when their questions are answered right away, and the best way to make it possible is through the use of a live chat feature. A customer who is unsure of a product will get a better idea about it if they can interact with someone from the business. There is a higher chance for them to go with a live chat instead of talking over the phone. This way, you can turn more undecided visitors into sure paying customers.

Add Testimonials

These days, it is no longer new to see websites with testimonials complete with the customer’s picture. Testimonials are usually around 200 words, but to make them more effective, you can request your customers to offer a story-like testimonial instead. This will hook more potential customers as it will seem more authentic. You have to be more creative where you use these testimonials. You can add them in your checkout page, sales page, recommendation pages, and just about everywhere. Using these can leave a big impact as your site visitors see credible faces endorsing your business or product.

Collect Email Addresses

For the longest time, email marketing is regarded as among the most crucial methods to convert your site visitors into paid customers. You can collect their email addresses with the use of offers such as free consultation, free eBooks, or anything which could entice visitors to give you their email ID. You can then engage them through an effective email marketing campaign wherein you offer them with more promotional and information content. See to it that you don’t forget your customers and consider them as mere numbers. Give them enough reasons to lure them into purchasing your products or using your services.

Use Comparison Page

When you are in a market with lots of demand, it is already a given that there will also be more competitors in the field. It means that these potential customers will compare your products with those of your competitors before making a purchase. You can help them by adding a landing page with such comparisons. Make sure you give them reasons why they should pick you over your competitors. This can best be done in the form of comparison chart complete with symbols, numbers, and images which will add the much needed color to it.

Use these pointers to turn your website visitors into potential clients.

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