Check Out the Groundbreaking Features of Laravel Programming

Feb 2019

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There is no doubt that PHP Laravel Programming is one of the most popular and widely used open source frameworks at the moment for web application development. It offers a standardized and feature packed platform for high performing PHP web applications development powering over 20 million web domain.

Check out the Groundbreaking features of Laravel Programming

Laravel inspires extremely clean and readable code so that developers do not have to deal with complex coding they do with other frameworks. Despite the fact that the framework is young, it is promising and with a lot of best practices needed for its business use. One of its unique advantages is the fact that it has a large support community, informative forums, and blogs, where you can get a solution to any programming or coding issue.

In this write-up, I will be sharing some of the groundbreaking features of Laravel Programming.

1. Design of template engine:

The in-built lightweight templates in Laravel frameworks stand them out for creating beautiful layouts with the help of dynamic content seeding. These templates are designed with innovation in such a way that they can produce both simple and complex layouts with distinctive sections. Also, it has numerous widgets incorporating CSS and JS with powerful structures.

2. Ability to offer eloquent object relational mapping (ORM):

Another groundbreaking feature of Laravel is that it offers eloquent ORM that includes a simple PHP Active Record implementation that allows web app developers to write database queries using PHP syntax rather than SQL code. And every table in the database has a corresponding model through which the developer can interact with that particular table. Also, the ORM is relatively faster when compared with all other PHP frameworks.

3. It has a very high web application security:

The high-security level of a web application is another important feature Laravel possesses. It does this by using hashed and salted password such that no password is saved as plain text within the database. Also, it uses “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” such that it can generate encrypted passwords. In addition, it uses prepared SQL statements that make injection attacks impossible.

4. Possession of artisan:

This in-built command line tool known as the artisan helps in automating the majority of the tedious repetitive programming tasks that most PHP developers would whenever it is done manually. This can also be used to create the database structure and the skeleton code, as well as manage migration so it becomes pretty easy-to-manage database system. Apart from these, it can generate basic MVC files through the command-line and manage those assets and their respective configurations. With artisan, developers can also create their own commands and use them as they like.

5. Possession of libraries and modular:

Laravel comes with already installed object-oriented libraries with many other installed libraries which are not pre-installed in any other PHP frameworks. An example of such is an Authentication library which is easy-to-implement and has features that can allow you to check active users, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, and encryption. This framework is also divided into individual modules that adopt modern PHP principles thereby allowing developers to build responsive and modular web apps.

Other groundbreaking features of Laravel Programming include migration system for databases such that developers do not have to recreate anything, clear MVC architecture support, unique way of doing unit-testing in a way that any new changes done by programmers don’t unexpectedly break anything in the web application.

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